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When Is A Helmet More Than Just A Piece of Safety Equipment?

For riders working for Deliveroo or Ubereats its the go to piece of safety equipment. But when does a motorcycleContinue Reading

For riders working for Deliveroo or Ubereats its the go to piece of safety equipment. But when does a motorcycle helmet become more than just something that protects you if the worst was to happen?

The variety of styles, colours and makes is endless but this post will focus solely on the flip front motorcycle helmets. So what is a flip front helmet?

Flip front helmets are sort of a hybrid that bridges the gap between full face helmets61+287BlphL._SL1000_ and open face helmets. As the name suggests the front portion of the helmet can be quickly moved up as the chin section is normally on a pivot. (Demonstrated in the above image, or at the side, depending on how your viewing this).

The day in the life of a Deliveroo Rider is hard graft;  meeting up with fellow riders, speaking to restaurant staff or giving that welcoming smile to customers when you hand over their food.

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The down side to all this is if you don’t have the right helmet your communication and customer service can be greatly impacted. The customer wont see your pearly white teeth when you smile (hoping for a tip!!), or hear you when you use the intercom to tell them their food has arrived. All of this can waste time and ultimately reduce the money you can earn.

Having a flip front helmet can solve many of these issues Deliveroo and Ubereats riders face in their busy day. For example:

  • You are able to communicate better with the customers over the phone or in person – who knows this could even lead to a better tip!!!
  • You have improved visibility with a flip up helmet when inside the restaurant and you are checking through the order (We all know how frustrating it is when that goes wrong).
  • Restaurants are less likely to ask you to remove your helmet if the majority of your face is visible (a bug bear of many riders).
  • You can stop at traffic lights and talk to fellow Deliveroo riders.
  • If your not the type to talk to strangers at traffic lights, dont fret, flipping up the front of the helmet will save time if you take a break and have a snack or drink.
  • If your not a fan of closed spaces and feel a little bit claustrophobic in a full face helmet, you can flip the front up to ease the anxiety when at a stand still.

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I hope this post was helpful. Thank you!

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