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Deliveroo Rider Advise; Locking Up.

Its the end of the week, your completed deliveries are into three figures, and the elation that pay day is just around the corner is whats getting you through those last few hours of the shift.

But have you ever stopped to think about each and every step that got you to the end of the week. No. I don’t blame you, after all whats the point!?

Your entire journey from collecting the order through to delivery is made up of several steps which gets repeated over and over again.

This which is why it is important to look at the things which may hold you up during your shift, which over an hour may not seem a lot but if you multiply that by the day, the week, or the month you could be losing more than just time.

That time lost is time that could be spent earning.

This post will focus on securing your scooter, motorcycle or push bike in ways that improve your productivity; saving time and more importantly money.

Disk Locks

61vo8b07GgL._SL1050_favoured by scooter and motorcycle riders a like, disc locks are small, light weight and can be attached in seconds saving valuable time in comparison to a cumbersome chain. 

Top Tip: when you have removed the disk lock from the scooter or motorcycle and are returning to collect your next delivery, before returning the lock to your pocket, ensure that you leave it open/unlocked. This means that when you arrive at your next destination you simply have to pull it out of your pocket and in one move you can push it into its locking position to secure your scooter or motorcycle.

eight assorted motorcycles parked on concrete floor
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Very popular with cyclists the D-Lock will normally come with a mounting unit which can be fixed to the bike. However using the mount can be a little time consuming, so instead consider having a small pannier fixed to your bike which you can throw it into each and every time you have unlocked your bike.

Top Tip: for both disk locks and d-lock (actually any lock really) try carrying your lock keys on a retractable lanyard or a simple bungee cord which again can save valuable seconds during a shift.

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