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Top 5 gifts For Drivers And Riders

The dash to the petrol station for that gift that implies thought and consideration is a thing of the past thanks to these fantastic gifts. If you know someone that spends a lot of time on the road whether it is delivering takeaways for Deliveroo, is a white van man in London or clocks up the miles as a driver for Uber, here is some gifts designed especially which they will love.

1. Offensive Parking offensive-business-cards1-300x250

Perform your civic duty by shaming terrible parking jobs with the “You Suck At Parking”business cards. Whenever you come across an asshole double parked or spread across three spaces, simply place one of these professional style business cards on their car.


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2. Dream Of Riding A Motorbike, But Don’t Have The Budget? 81IS8pBFO5L._SL1500_

Are you a courier that delivers on a bicycle but longs for more power, here is your solution. Tune up your bicycle by giving it that extra juice it’s been missing with the bicycle exhaust. This customized exhaust system installs easily on the back of the bike and creates a powerful motorcycle-like roar every kid on the block is sure to hear.

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3. Turn Your Wallet Into A Miniature Toolbox! 41Z9MvFPRjL

Never be without this must have item. Loose mirror? This has got your back. Brakes need adjusting? This has got your back. Need to open a bottle of beer? This has…you get the idea.  Turn your wallet into a miniature toolbox with the addition of the credit card sized multi tool. This completely flat wallet accessory conveniently houses 18 distinct and useful tools including bottle openers, screwdrivers, and box openers.

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4. Ever Wished You Could Take Your Pooch On Shift? 51TQNTlVdUL

Bring your furry friend along for all your adventures by using this dog carrying backpack. It features wide adjustable length shoulders straps that displace weight evenly – making it perfect for hiking, biking, or just walking around like a crazy pet parent.


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5. McDonalds French Fries Holder 61FkQHxj+zL._SL1073_

Feast on your delicious fast food without making a mess by outfitting your ride with this in-car condiment holder. This holder is specially designed to fit into your car’s drinks holder so that you can conveniently eat your food while you’re on-the-go.


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6. Fake Parking Tickets51HmhlMGHRL

Give your fellow drivers a good scare by pranking them using these fake parking tickets. Printed on a thick, durable cardboard, each parking ticket is detailed enough to fool even the sharpest eyes when viewed from a distance.

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