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Moped Thieves Rammed By Police

The recent footage of the police carrying out tactical collisions with suspected criminals has to be London’s moment of the year!

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In case you missed the news, the police now have increased powers which allow them to knock suspected criminals off stolen scooters in an attempt to bring police chases to an end.

This is welcome news in London because up until now criminals who steal scooters have done so with relative impunity. 

The Police have reluctantly chased thieves on mopeds because of the potential risk to the public or the thieves themselves.

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It was also rumoured that the police couldn’t chase anybody without a helmet on so thieves took advantage of this apparent opportunity to commit crime and flee capture by the police.

So why is this new approach by the police a good thing for Deliveroo riders working in the gig economy, and scooter rental companies in London?

Ugo Scooters a company which hires scooters in London feels the new approach will reduce the anxiety customers feel when renting a scooter to work for Ubereats or Deliveroo.

The Oxford Screamer
A Disk Lock and Alarm combined.

Deliveroo riders especially have paid the price in the last few years for lax attempts by the police to prevent this crime especially in London.

Deliveroo riders lose more than just their scooter or motorcycle when they are a victim of theft, they loose an income which has an impact on them being able to pay bills and creates a great deal of uncertainty.

One thing is certain though, I think we all would love the opportunity to view this new strategy by the police in action, and see individuals finally getting caught for the crimes they have committed. 

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