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Police Ram Stolen Scooters: Why This Is Bad News For Deliveroo Riders.

Last week we wrote about the new police tactics to ram suspected thieves off stolen scooters.

Many riders who rent from Ugo Scooters and are working for Deliveroo or Ubereats praise this tougher approach, but other riders are concerned about the impact this may have on them personally.   

This post will look at the negative consequences brought about by the police ramming stolen mopeds and motorcycles’.

A high percentage of scooter riders are covered by MCE Insurance, who are the largest provider of cover for people who make a living delivering food in the so called gig economy.


Concerned about motorcycle theft?  Learn how to prevent your Scooter or Motorcycle from being stolen.


MCE provides insurance which allows riders to legally drive and work on the UK roads.

The Oxford Screamer
A Disk Lock and Alarm combined.

The insurance is third party only and covers the rider if they hit somebody or another vehicle while at work. This type of policy however does not cover damage to the riders own vehicle if it was stolen or they were involved in an accident which is their fault.

The new powers allowing the police to knock suspected criminals off stolen bikes increases the potential for greater damage to be caused to the scooter or motorcycle.

This damage will not be covered by MCE’s insurance policy, and will instead have to be paid for by the rider themselves.

For the sake of Deliveroo and Ubereats riders let’s hope this tactic used by the police is used only as a last resort.

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