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5 Best Kryptonite Locks (2022)

The best locks from Kryptonite which will prevent your beloved bike, scooter or motorcycle from being stolen.

Keeping your Bike, Scooter Or Motorcycle secure has never been in safer hands thanks to the outstanding Kryptonite Lock Range.

Entrusted with keeping would be thieves at bay Kryptonite have dominated the lock market for years.

Their dominance has outlasted a number of competitors in part due to the phenominal product range that caters for any budget and any mode of transport.

One thing we can pretty much agree on straight of the bat is that the lock purchase needs to proportionate to the value of the bike. Its no good spending thousands on a bicycle and thinking a fifteen quid cable lock is going to suffice. If thats your forethought please read on my friend.

Equally as important is that a lock is only as good as the place you lock it too. Making sure you lock to a truly immovable object e.g. a thick metal post concreted into the ground will maximise the benefits of buying a decent lock. All to often thieves will happily unscrew the post from the ground and remove the bike allowing them to remove the lock at their own convenience later.

So if your ready to stick up the proverbial and thwart those hooded thieves of the night you will enjoy our read on the best Of Kryptonite Locks.

The Best Of Kryptonite Locks


Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

Light weight d-lock for easy everyday carry
Security Rating
Sold Secure Silver
Best For
Locking low/medium value bicycles
Where budget is your priority over strength the Kryptonite Kryptolok series 2 is a u-lock that will serve you well.
Its practical size and weight (1.29kg) means it is easily stowed in a ruck sack without being to cumbersome. Its worth mentioning that it can be secured to your bike with the mount provided. While this is a nice feature, over time if you are repeatedly taking it on and of the mount it could start to wear and brake.

This lock has a ‘Sold Secure Silver’ rating which given the price of the lock is reasonable. It would therefore be advisable not to use this lock to secure anything expensive, and would probably favour couriers or people who may only need to secure a bike for a short period of time.

That being said though the 13mm Hardened steel shackle will more than hold its own against thieves trying to cut it with bolt cutters.

Straight out of the box there are two keys provided which is pretty standard. If however you plan on using the lock a great deal or are prone to losing stuff easily you may want to consider registering with the Kryptonite Safe Key Program. This will allow you to get a replacement should you lose a key or break one.


Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

The best lock for bicycles and motorcycles alike
Security Rating
Sold Secure Gold
Best For
High Value Bikes, Scooters and Motorcycles
The much revered Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 has been and will continue to be the yard stick of which to measure all locks against.

Boasting a ‘Sold Secure Gold’ rating this ‘everyday use’ lock will not only provide great theft prevention but also give you peace of mind that what you have locked will stay locked.

Its high rating means that you can afford to use this lock to secure expensive stuff such as bikes or motorcycles in high risk theft hot spots. A great design feature of this lock is the large ring or noose at one end of the lock. This allows you to lock more than one bike together if you ride with friends. This approach of being able to lock up more stuff means you are carrying less chain around and thus saving weight.

In terms of carrying this lock around with you the nylon sheath will protect your paintwork which is a great plus. The sheath also allows you to clean your lock should you choose to carry this lock in a rucksack. However due to its weight it may be a little cumbersome if you plan on carrying this lock around all day. Wrapped around a seat post or stowed under the seat of your scooters or motorcycle it will certainly not be noticed.


Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini

A D-Lock for high value bicycle owners
Security Rating
Sold Secure Gold
Best For
High Value Bikes
And so to the highly acclaimed Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini. Probably the most popular Lock in the Kryptonite brand and has served riders well.
With a Sold Secure Gold rating it really takes care of business thanks in part to its 18mm bar diameter made from Kryptonites MAX-Performance steel, which is triple heat treated for ultimate cutting force resistance.

The incredibly high degree of security provided by this lock makes it extremely popular among cyclist looking to secure expensive bicycles for long periods of time, or motorcycles left out on the street at night.

Weighing in at an impressive 2.06kg you are going to want to decide if this is going to be to heavy to carry around with you if your purely out for a pleasure ride to enjoy your surrounding.

Its design whilst popular with cyclists may be a little on the short side as you are going to struggle to lock more than the frame to something immovable. So if you like to lock up your wheels and frame in one you may want to consider a chain lock. That being said this lock will be popular with motorcyclists given the size and weight as it will prevent push away theft.


Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 Integrated Chain Bicycle Lock

A light weight chain lock for everyday use
Security Rating
Sold Secure Silver
Best For
The Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 is a real middle of the road lock due to its Sold Secure Silver rating, but because you are buying from Kryptonite the quality is still present.

This lock is going to be great deal more affective than just using a simple cable lock. Its particularly popular among people that live in low theft areas with bikes of a lower value, and because of its low weights it is very easy to carry around.

The protective sheath which surrounds the chain will reduce any potential damage to your paint work, whilst also protect anything else you may be carrying on a day to day basis.


Keeper 5-S2 Disc Lock Yellow

The Perfect Disk lock for Scooters and Motorcycles
Best For
Scooters and Motorcycles
Tasked with preventing your trusty scooter or motorcycle from being pushed away, the Kryptonite Disk Lock acts as a great deterrent in preventing your powered two wheels from falling into the wrong hands.

Fitting to your scooter or motorcycle brake disk we have to say this locks serves many purposes. The bright colour draws the thieves attention, meaning if your bike is being observed by thieves driving by they are less likely to attempt to steel it. Secondly the bright colour also reduces the likelihood of you riding away while it is still attached. Finally, its compact design means it is a great lock to carry around in your pocket to use everyday.

This lock works well if your only leaving your scooter or motorcycle alone for very short periods of time, and would benefit by using in conjunction with another chain lock which has been mentioned previously.

A nice feature of this disk lock is the plastic black cover which sits over the key entry point. This will certainly improve the longevity of the lock by preventing dust and moisture from entering the lock mechanism causing rust and even worse causing the lock to jam.

If your looking to buy a disk lock with added value you may like to read our review of the best alarmed disk lock – which certainly puts off anyone looking to steal your bike.

Lock Maintenance

You are investing in a great product when it comes to purchasing your Kryptonite lock but once purchased it is advisable you look after it.

Being used daily and spending cold wet nights keeping your stuff secure you need to maintain your lock every now and again.

A seized or jammed lock is not something you want to happen especially if it means you have nothing to lock your bike up. Cleaning and removing any dust pr debris but up is a great place to start, then lubricating after with some WD-40 will ensure your lock will stand the test of time.

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