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5 Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets For Touring, Design And Upright Riding (2022).

Whether you out for a gentle jaunt through the countryside, or a full throttle descent down your favourite mountain side, what you stick your mullet in matters. So enjoy out listed read on the best motorcycle helmets for touring and upright riding.

Post Updated: Tuesday 21st December 2021

Find out what the 5 best Arai Motorcycle Helmets are in our 2021 review.

Whether you out for a gentle jaunt through the countryside, or a full throttle descent down your favourite mountain side, what you stick your mullet in matters.

Motorcycle helmets have come a long way since their first introduction in the early 1900’s when wearing one felt more like a victorian torture device than something that might protect you if you happened to take a spill.

Arai is one manufacture who, from humble beginnings, have managed to transform once vintage leather football-style helmets into modern-day masterpieces of carbon fiber and Kevlar. Arai’s touring and racing helmets are popular among riders all over the world and are used for anything from track days or touring the scenic roads of Europe.


So whether your a track day adrenalin junky, an intrepid European explorer, or simply a casual commuter, the chances are your two wheeled journey, what ever the distance, will be of interest to somebody so you may like to read our post on The Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera’s for viewing and sharing content online.

This post will look at Arai range of helmets designed for those people who enjoy touring on their two wheels.

Arai Touring Helmets

Photo Credit: Arai

What is the difference between a touring helmet and racing helmet?


Touring helmets have a tendency to be lighter due to the length of time they are being worn for, which translates into increased comfort for the rider.


A sports helmet will typically prioritise aerodynamic design and good ventilation, where as a touring helmet will provide comfort and good soundproofing.

Serious consideration goes into the aerodynamics of racing helmet ensuring that clean lines and spoilers maximise air flow to reduce wind resistance which can ultimately slow the rider down. On the other hand a touring helmet will look to manage air flow as a means of reducing wind noise, and the spoilers will be less pronounced.


When it comes to the screen there is very little difference between a touring helmet and racing helmet since having a good clear field of vision is essential regardless of whether your on the road or the track.


External Shell

The external shell of a racing helmet may be made from carbon fibre and is usually thicker. This is to provide a high level of safety for the rider and ensures the helmet can withstand possible higher impacts at faster speeds. Conversely a touring helmets outer shell will be thinner and contain fewer layers saving on weight and increasing comfort.

Sun Visor

A large majority of helmets nowadays (including touring helmets) will have a sun visor incorporated and which can be activated by a slider or button on the side of the helmet for instance. Having a sun visor inlace while riding is personal preference but will certainly improve your field of vision if your riding at dawn or dusk and in the sun is low.

A racing helmet on the other hand is less likely to contain a drop down visor as it could add unnecessary weight, instead the rider may prefer to change screen.

The Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets


Arai Chaser-X

Arai’s mid-level all-rounder motorcycle helmet.

View Arai Chaser-X Full Range

Safety Rating
SHARP 4 star safety rated
+ Full Face Helmet
+ 5 Year Warranty
+ Weight: 1.6Kg
+ Suitable for everyone from commuters to tourers.
+ Double-d ring buckle
Kicking off the list is the Arai Chaser-X which is a real mid-level helmet, and for many the affordable price tag is going to give a lot of people the opportunity to purchase a Arai Motorcycle helmet who may normally be priced out. If you’re on a budget you may like to read our review of the best motorcycle helmets under £200.

The affordability though doesn’t mean Arai have scrimped on quality as the helmet is designed with Arai’s Special Fibre Laminate – a multi-layer bonded material. This is designed to dissipate impact energy over a larger area, hopefully reducing the forces transmitted to the interior of the lid.

Weighing in at 1.6kg it is on the heavier end of scale in comparison to some of the carbon fibre options available. However the added comfort and quietness during rides more than makes up for its weight and you could quite easily use this helmet for long rides or working as a motorcycle courier.

For further added comfort the Arai Chaser-X features Eco-Pure padding which includes an antibacterial treatment which will keep at bay any lingering smells from the build up of moisture from hot sweaty days.

And, on the topic of hot sweaty days, you will be pleased to know that the chaser-X has the same ventilation system as the Arai RX-7V. The adjustable front vent and rear exhaust ports are a thing of beauty, and with an adjustable vent on the top of the helmet air circulation is a breeze.


Arai RX-7V

Arai’s Top of the range sports bike motorcycle helmet

View Arai RX-7V full range

Safety Rating
SHARP 5 star safety rated
+ Full Face Helmet
+ 5 Year Warranty
+ 1.62Kg
+Double-d ring buckle
A helmet that is so quiet you may even forget your riding at bike. Okay, so maybe that isn’t strictly true but you are going to struggle to find a quieter helmet. Wearing ear plugs, making sure the chin curtain is fitted and closing the air vents if your riding at high speed is definitely going to play a significant role in further reducing noise.

On the topic of air vents the Arai RX-7V helmet boasts six on the front with seven rear exhaust ports. Ventilating the helmet in this way means it creates superb air flow through the helmet, an especially welcome feature on hot days and on cold days works to reduce that dreaded misting.

As you have come to expect from a number of the helmet manufacturers the lining is fully removable for cleaning and is also antibacterial. What sets it apart though is the ability to adjust the padding around the cheeks, temple and skull. This allows the wearer to reduce pressure points and pinching which will make a real difference to comfort on the road.


Arai QV-Pro

A helmet ideal for a street ride or touring

View Arai QV-Pro Full Range

Safety Rating
SHARP 5 star safety rated
+ Full Face Helmet
+ 5 Year Warranty
+ Includes Pinlock Max Vision
Spending long days in the saddle takes it tole on the body, and the same applies to your head when its buried in a helmet. So you need a skull bucket that cushions you from the rough and tough of the road. Thank goodness for the Arai QV-Pro touring helmet.

This helmet is a well considered entry into this list as it ideal for either enjoying a short jaunt around the block, or spending long sunny days touring the countryside. If you love reliving your two wheel adventures check out our review of the best helmet cameras for viewing and sharing content online.

Underpinned by Arai’s manufacturing process, safety is its main objective. Some key design features built within this helmet for improving safety is firstly the outer shell is much smoother and rounder which is designed to improve glance off performance. Secondly, the visors integration into the helmet is much smoother and sleeker reducing anything from sticking out causing it to catch in the event of crash. Thirdly, the vents have been designed to snap off in the event of a crash, meaning less chance of injury inducing rotation when the helmet comes into contact with the road.

Ventilations ports have been strategically placed around the chin, forehead and rear exhaust ports. These are fully adjustable allowing you to moderate air flow depending on the riding conditions, temperate and of course reducing noise.

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Arai Renegade V

A full face helmet for cruiser or naked motorcycles

View Arai Renegade V Full Range

Safety Rating
Snell Certified
+ Full Face Helmet
+ 1.6kg
+ 5 Year Warranty
+ Pinlock Max Vision included
+ Double-d ring fastener
An aggressive looking helmet with a softly softly approach to your comfort.

Arai have intentionally designed the Arai Renegade V to appear much tougher than some of its counter parts with a chin area not only built to look strong but also provide added strength where it is needed.
It also takes care of your ears as the Arai Renegade V has cheek pads treated with a noise reducing foam, and chin curtain which reduces air flow under the helmet reducing unwanted noise.

The menacing looking front of the helmet conceals four intake slots, and when combined with the four side exhaust ports create an effective air flow system moving hot air efficiently out allowing for maximum air circulation.

All in this helmet has been designed to be worn for long periods of the day. This is impart due to the lining materials which create a snug fit, efficient air circulation to maintain perfect temperature, and has been designed for perfect weight distribution so wearing it feels effortless.


Arai Debut

An Affordable full face helmet with high class credentials

View Arai Debut Full Range

Safety Rating
+ Full Face Helmet
+ 1.6kg
+ 5 Year Warranty
+ Double-d ring fastener
+ Pinlock Max Vision insert included
Whilst budget friendly motorcycle helmets conjures up thoughts of cheap and tacky paint finishes and uncomfortable padding the Arai Debut works extremely hard at dispelling the myth that affordability doesn’t always have to mean a compromise in quality in particular the shell design.

The fibre glass shell may not be what you find in the higher end range of helmets yet its still very effective at absorbing an impact. And because you are buying an Arai helmet you instantly get the build quality and design features.

Features such as smooth design and limited protrusions will prevent any glancing off if the worst was to happen and you take a tumble on the tarmac. Its also worth pointing out that as with many of the other helmets mentioned in this review a safety feature built into the design of the Arai Debut is that the vents and wings will snap off easily to reduce any possible jarring of your head in an accident.

Keeping the air moving through the helmet is accomplished by the exquisite ventilation system Arai have designed with an adjustable chin bar vent, vents on top, and of course the rear exhaust ports. These will help to keep you cool and padding inner padding fresh.

If you are someone that likes to remove the padding for cleaning you may be a little disappointed as the cheek pads can be removed, whereas the rest of the lining is fixed in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Arai helmets are so expensive?

Arai motorcycle helmets are more expensive than other brands because they use a single-piece inner shell, which is made up of multiple densities for structural integrity. This approach, whilst safer, is of course more expensive to make.

Do Arai helmets expire?

Typically an Arai helmet will last 5 years according to the manufacturer recommendations.

How often should I replace my Arai helmet?

Every 3-5 year is a typical recommendation for replacing your Arai Helmet (or any helmet).

However this can depend on a number of other factors. If you are using your helmet more regularly eg: daily for long periods it may be beneficial to replace after 3-4 years.

If your helmet has experience any accidents or significant impact it is advised to replace your helmet immediately.

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