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What equipment do I need for Deliveroo?

An essential equipment guide for couriers and food delivery riders working for Deliveroo and Ubereats.

If your new to fast food delivery, one of the questions you might have is what equipment do I need for Deliveroo?

This post will look at the essential pieces of equipment all Deliveroo riders wished they had on their first shift, but didn’t because unlike you, they didn’t get prepared. 

Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmet

Better Visibility and Awareness when on the road

£49.00 | Amazon

Stuff we like
+ Improved communication with customers
+ Better visibility due to being able to lift up the front
+ Lifting up the front allows snacking on the go. 
+ Increased ventilation on hot days
+ leave helmet on majority of the time
Arguably the most important piece of equipment you will need.
Buying the correct helmet style is really important as you are going to be wearing it all day so comfort, visibility and durability is important.

A flip up front helmet as seen above will allow you to flip the front up when your not riding making life a lot easy when visiting restaurants to collect food or filling up with fuel. It also has the added benefit of allowing you to snack on the go.

If you are looking at purchasing a new motorcycle helmet you may like to read our comprehensive guide on choosing the best helmet under £200.

Mobile Phone Battery Bank

Don’t get caught short with no power on your phone

£22.00 | Amazon

Stuff We liked
+ High speed charging between shifts
+ Easily fits into your pocket
+ Light weight
+ Charge on the go
Using multiple apps as well as your phone for navigation is going to use a lot of your battery power. Having a power supply which you can access on the go means that you won’t have to cancel a shift half was through because you have run out of charge and can’t plug your phone anywhere.

Motorcycle USB charger

Convenient charging on the go

£15.00 | Amazon

Stuff we liked
+ Charge your phone on the go.
+ Easy to install by connecting to the battery.
+ Waterproof cover
New scooters and motorcycle may already come with a USB charger fitted but if this isn’t the case for you then it might help fitting one. Fitting a USB charger is extremely convenient to do and will allow you to charge your phone on the go.

Ultimate Add on phone holder

Motorcycle and Cyclist Mobile Phone Holder

An extra pair of hands on the road

£36.00 | Amazon

Stuff We Liked
+ Keeps phone dry when it is raining
+ Protects your phone should you drop it
+ Full phone access while contained within the holder.
+ Great phone visibility when on the road
You are going to need an extra pair of hands as you hustle your way through your shift. There is hundreds of motorcycle phone holders available which all offer different designs and are made of different materials.  Having a phone holder fitted to your scooter or motorcycle in the correct position will give you clear visibility when following directions, whilst also protecting your phone from the elements.

Other equipment:

Cycling Helmet

protect you lid with this lightweight designed helmet

£36.00 | Amazon

I hope this post has helped you with what equipment do I need for Deliveroo? Can I recommend you also read my post on the 7 Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Under £100, a great piece of kit for when your working.

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