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AGV AX-9 Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

Off road, on road and anywhere in between: AGV’s AX-9 adventure helmet protects your head what ever the road conditions.

Making a progressive leap from the popular AGV AX-8DS the upgraded AGV AX-9 covers a plethora of road conditions, terrains and ride styles. So whether you prefer urban riding or enjoy kicking up dusk with some off-road riding the AGV AX-9 has both terrains covered beautifully. If you love recording your adventures you may want to read our article on The Best Helmet Cameras.

One of the cool things about AX helmets is their ability to morph from road helmet into dirt helmets and back again with just a tiny bit of fiddling to remove the peak and visor.

If your a fair weather rider and enjoy lapping up the sun on a gentle jaunt this helmet is well adapted to the hot conditions. A conventional layout of ventilation ports positioned in the chin, and on top (which are fully adjustable) creates fantastic air around the helmet. This keeps your head cool and reduces misting front sweating.

If the smell of sweat takes its toll on your nostrils the good news is that the moisture-wicking pads and liner are fully removable so they can be cleaned. Its also worth mentioning that if you wear glasses then the specially designed padding will accommodate spectacles well to prevent pinching or rubbing.

The highly rated design built from a combination of carbon, kevlar and fibreglass ensures your head is protected, and thanks to its lightweight design won’t put a strain on your neck.

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