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Best E Scooters For Commuting And Battery Life

A guide to the best electric scooters on the market, comparing battery life, speed and price.

Fed up with the same old commute? You may have just found an electric lifeline.

Its time to scoot that commute with the latest gadget to hit the streets. Electric scooters let you take back control of your journey home, and with the power of electricity you are doing your bit for the planet as well.

E-Scooters are becoming increasingly popular in cities up and down the country as people look for alternative modes of transport.

With prices ranging from a couple of hundred pounds its easy to see why people are trying these two wheel machines. If money isn’t an option then you can of course go all out for a higher spec scooter costing anything up to a couple of thousand.

But how do i choose the best electric scooter for commuting?

To help we have put together a detailed review of the best on the market. We cover all the important specifications such as battery charge time, speed and weight. This information will allow you to make an informed decision about which e-scooter to choose.

Important considerations when choosing your electric scooter:

When your reading though the information below you will notice that there are three key areas to consider; How far you plan on going, how quickly you want to get there and how often you need to recharge.

Like a lot of people you may be thinking of using an electric scooter as part of your commute into work. If that is the case you need to know how many miles that journey will be, and what sort of speed you want to be going. Know your distance to travel will allow you to choose wisely and may be a more important factor over speed.

Conversely if you only have a short journey to travel, going hell for leather might be the only way you like to travel so distance will be less of a priority.

Having enough juice in the battery is important so you will need to consider if you want to use the electric scooter to go to and from work. Being able to recharge the battery during your working day may be a important as it will allow you to travel home at the end of the day.

How Much Do You Want To Spend On An Electric Scooter?

It is not always the case but here you get what you pay for. Some of the e-scooters on the market can cost as little as a couple of hundred pounds, but at these types of prices you may not get the battery life you want.

At the other end of the scale some e-scooters can cost a couple of thousand pounds which will give you decidedly more speed and battery life.

The Best Commuter Electric Scooters

Your journey to choosing your new ride starts here.


Everything you need in an electric scooter without the high price tag
Max Speed:
Battery Life:
Charge Time:
Scooter Weight:
Max Load:
12 miles
2-3 hours
The Gotrax GXL is a very popular choice among people looking for an affordable commuting e-scooter. Its low price is a real head turner because you don’t sacrifice quality.

The air-filled tyres allows for a smooth riding experience, ensuring that you don’t feel every bump in the road.

With a max speed of 15.5mph and battery life of 12 miles this will be more than adequite for commuters with a short journey. The impressive battery life also means that you will more than likely be able to do both your drive to and from work.
+ The max speed of 15.5mph means you can slash your commute.

+ With a charge time of 2-3 hours you can charge the scooter in time for when your travel home.

+ In built front lighting
– The maximum load of 100kg could restrict some people from using it.


Great design, weight and speed. This E Scooter ticks all the boxes.
Max Speed:
Battery Life:
Charge Time:
Scooter Weight:
Max Load:
18 miles
5.5 hours
If your after a commuter scooter that goes the extra mile this is it.
Not satisfied with producing great speed and battery life the app capability is great if your a bit of a geek.

Through the app you can find out information from your journey such as how far you travelled, and importantly how much juice you have left in the battery.

The charge time is a little longer than some of the other electric scooters in this list, however you will be great full of the 18 miles on a single charge.
+ Track your journeys on a smart phone.

+ Made from aluminium so its light

+ Carries easily when folded. Great if you complete part of your journey on public transport.
– Struggled to find any.


An E Scooter with a high price tag, but worth every penny.
Max Speed:
Battery Life:
Charge Time:
Scooter Weight:
Max Load:
3 hours
Whether your commuting, out for a fun ride or simply enjoying a quick trip to the shops this electric scooter has it all. Plus it has the added capability of getting you where ever you need to be fast.

The speed of this E-Scooter is what sets this apart from the others. A top speed of 40 mph means you need not worry about being late again.

It will further impress you with a battery life of 50miles and a very respectable charge time of 3 hours, which means you don’t have to wait to long to get back out on the road once the battery runs flat.
+ Top speed of 40mph

+ A max load of 150kgs is higher than many of the other e-scooters in this list

+ Battery life of 50 miles
– Maintaining the high speed will zap the battery

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use electric scooters in the UK?

Given the popularity of electric scooters on the streets of the UK, it may surprise you to know that you are legally only allowed to use them on private land. It is fair to say then that the law is not really enforced, however it is important that you take steps to ensure that you are careful and considerate to people and other vehicles around you.

if you are using an electric scooter for your everyday commute in another country is it important to do you research as many countries and states laws differ.

Do i need to wear a helmet when using an electric scooter?

When using any of the electric scooters in this list you are not required by law to wear a helmet. However we would recommend that you do especially if you are using the e-scooter to commute to work.

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