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Grip Lock Review

We review the grip lock a lock which will prevent your scooter or motorcycle from being stolen.

Prevent Theft Of Your Scooter/Motorcycle With This Affordable Convenient Grip Lock.

Opportunistic theft of your scooter or motorcycle is undoubtably one of your biggest concerns.

If your a courier or delivery rider you probably leave your scooter or motorcycle unattended for many shorts periods of time during the day.

These short periods of time when your vehicle is left unattended provides the ideal opportunity for a thief to steal your bike.

How Can I Prevent My Scooter From Being Stolen?

Increasing your visible security is one way you can prevent your prized possession from being stolen.

Having a visible security device such as a grip lock in place when you leave your scooter or motorcycle unattended is a very affective way of preventing your bike from being stolen.

Grip-Lock Motorcycle and Scooter Security Lock

Weight: 295g
Material: Reinforced Steel design

Reasons To Buy
+ Highly Visible Security Device
+ Will prevent push away theft
+ Light Weight
+ Quick Installation
+ 10 Year Guarantee
Reasons to Avoid
– Wont Prevent scooter or motorcycle being picked up and put in van

The grip lock is designed in various bright colours making the security devise visible from a long way away. This design will deter thieves who may be operating in your local area looking out for scooters and motorcycle which are left unattended.

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Colour is a major plus in the design of this locking device as well material it is made from.  Light weight in design means it can fit very easily into your pocket for speed of accessbility. This is extremely beneficial in comparison to a chain lock which can be a great deal heavier.

The grip lock immobilises the vehicle by engaging the brake and restricting movement of the throttle. This is important as it will prevent the scooter being pushed away, which is a common method of theft.

Also the benefit of having a lock designed to be used on your handlebar means it is easier to lock/unlock in comparison to alternative locks that fit on the brake disk. This is because a disk lock requires you to bend down, where as a grip lock is at stomach height.

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