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What to do if your scooter/motorcycle is stolen?

Motorcycle and moped crime (especially in London) is at its highest it’s ever been.

Stolen scooters especially are being used for theft of mobile phones among some of the key targets for thieves.

With the increase in crime associated with motorcycles many owners of scooters are turning to increasingly sufficticated methods of deterants such as alarms, immobilisers and trackers as a way of preventing theft.

But if you haven’t fitted a tracker what can you do?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position to have your scooter or motorcycle stolen this advise may help.

What To Do If Your Scooter/Motorcycle Is Stolen: 

  • Walk the streets: walking the area where you last left the bike is a good place to start. As previously mentioned thieves understand that some scooters/motorcycles may have a tracker fitted and don’t want to take the risk of being caught red handed. They may leave the bike locally and come back to it at a later date. Of course if you do manage to locate the bike it is always advisable to stay a safe distance and call the police to assist.
  • Look under any covered scooters: while you are walking the local area it is a good idea to look under any covered scooters or motorcycles you see parked on the streets (of course making sure not to cause damage).Thieves will cover bikes as a way of preventing bikes from being identified.
  • Notify the police: immediately that you discover your vehicle has been stolen. The police will place a marker on your scooter or motorcycles registration. This is important because if your scooter or motorcycles if risen by the thief it may be picked up by an ANPR camera which is on most police cars. The second important reason for notifying the police that your scooter has been stolen is you will need to inform your insurance company and make a claim.

How might i spot if a scooter is stolen?

  • A good indicator that a bike is stolen is the paneling may have been broken around the ignition. This is typically to allow the thief to hot wire the scooter or motorcycle.
  • If a scooter has been stolen and the steering lock was engaged, this will have been broken to allow movement of the scooter or motorcycle. When this happens the force used to disengage the steering lock may also break the steering column. This will mean the handlebar may move independently to the front wheel.
  • The registration plate will likely have been removed. This prevents the scooter from being identified by an ANPR camera, a system used by the police to identify vehicles.

Concerned about motorcycle theft?  Learn how you can prevent your Scooter or Motorcycle from being stolen.

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