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5 Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets For City Rides

A look at some of the best Bell motorcycle helmets available for speed hungry and adventure enthusiast.

Best Bell Motorbike Helmets For 2022

Knowing which is the best Bell motorcycle helmet that fits well, doesn’t pinch and gives a good amount of ventilation can be a real challenge.

The good news though is that I have got your back. The even better news is that you only have 5 Bell helmets to choose from so you can easily decide.

Bell Eliminator Motorcycle Helmet

A retro racing inspired full face helmet
BELL Eliminator Rally Motorcycle Helmet RALLY BLACK/METALLIC ORANGE
  • Suitable for glasses wearer
  • Weight 1.4kgs
  • Full face helmet
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Double-D ring fastener

Steeped in decades of automotive racing history Bell have put 60 years of evolution into the no-nonsense Eliminator Helmet.

The Bell Eliminator Helmet is bold and assertive in its approach to providing you with a skull bucket that’s light weight and comfortable to wear on your urban rides. If your looking for an even lighter version it is also available in carbon fibre. The light weight design will also help if your involved in a spill by reducing inertia and the likelihood of neck injury.

The auto-inspired design features a fiberglass composite shell, and can be worn with a no-fog visor or peak. Holding the helmet in-place is done so with the easy to use double D ring fastener

The helmet is well equipped to provide maximum air flow to keep you cool and reduce misting, which isn’t surprising give the vents on the front and 9 circular holes on top. This is great in the summer but will add to the noise you will experience while riding due to the vents always being open. That being said though is easily overcome by wearing some ear plugs, or may favour city riders where you are riding at lower speeds thus reducing air flow and subsequent noise.

Overall let’s get things straight, your buying a super cool retro helmet and as such it is never going to perform as well as a more modern helmet. After all people love the old school for a reason and if that you then this is definitely a helmet to consider.

Bell Qualifier DLX Full Face Lid

A super light weight skull bucket
  • Double D-Ring Fastener
  • Transition Visor
  • Full face polycarbonate helmet
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Weight 1.56kg
  • Sharp 3 rating

Affordability is not the most important aspect for most people when choosing a new motorcycle helmet. That’s because with any budget friendly helmet you would expect to get less for your money.

However bucking this trend is the Bell Qualifier DLX with well designed features, style and a kickass visor which really sets it apart from the competition.

Fitted to this helmet is a light-reactive Transition visor, with a NutraFog anti-fog coating and is anti-UV. This addition to what is a budget friendly helmet is a much welcome addition for many who want to leave the sunglasses at home.

On the topic of ventilation there is the standard chin vents which can be opened and closed with the single switch as well as four above the visor, two on the crown and four exhaust ports on the rear. With all that ventilation entry and exit points the helmet may be a little on the noisy side, not helped by the thinner padding on the inside. It would therefore be advisable to wear a pair of ear plugs.

That being said though if you live in a hot place all that ventilation is going to come in handy to help keep your cool. If you need to clean the padding the good news is that the moisture wicking padding can be removed for cleaning.

In summary the low price of this helmet is certainly going to appeal to a lot of people. Whilst the ventilation may prove to increase noise, this may be something you can put up with for a cool head and reduced misting. The real game changer though is the photochromic reactive visor included as standard. This is certainly going to attract a lot people as well as the 5 year warranty.

Bell RS-2 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

An aggressive full face sports helmet
  • Weight 1.5kg
  • Double D-Ring fastener
  • Drop down visor
  • 5 year warranty

The long awaited follow up to Bell RS-1 a firm favourite for riders, the Bell RS-2 is looking to build on its successors popularity by slimming down. Weighing in at 1.5kg which is lower compared to the RS-1 it doesn’t lose any of its protection value with both DOT Certification (US) and ECE 22.05 approved for the UK and Europe.

Included in the Bell RS-2 as standard is a drop down inner sun shield operated by a slider on the side. This is a great feature and wasn’t in the RS-1 and means you don’t have to worry or mess around with putting on sunglasses when the sun is low in the sky. The visor is simply a standard clear one, but we would definetly recommend swoping this out to the light-reactive Transition visor which we have already mentioned is available on Bell Qualifier DLX.

The inner padding provides superb comfort and noise reduction thanks Bell’s X-Static XT2 Silver Lining fabric which is fully removable should the smell of sweat become to much for your nostrils.

Ventilation is as you would expect pretty similar to a lot of the other Bell helmets with two chin vents, two on top positioned on the crown and two exhaust ports positioned neatly under the rear spoiler. This set up works well at sucking air in at the front, drawing it through the helmets and out of the rear which will aid cooling and mist build up.

The Bell RS-2 is cover all bases type of helmets and is suited for any type of rider be it a commute in to work, a weekend jaunt with friends or a touring holiday.

It’s low price shouldn’t be a concern as you are still getting the Bell quality you would expect, and should the worst happen and you take a spill you know this helmet has your back.

Bell SRT Modular Helmet

A great helmet for touring or everyday rides
  • Fibre Glass Design
  • Flip up front helmet
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • drop down visor

For many riders the full face helmet is always going to be a must. However, if your a courier rider or somebody that makes deliveries on a motorcycle a full face helmet can be a little restrictive.

I therefore like to think that the Bell SRT Modular Helmet has been a considered choice for a customer that wants a helmet to cover a multiple number of scenarios be it touring, weekend rider or somebody that earns a living from riding.

For starters the modular version of the Bell SRT is going to cost more than its full face alternative. This may not be to much of problem given that this means you get a drop down visor which you dont in the full face version, as well as space for those people that wear glasses, and speaker pockets should you want an intercom fitted.

The inner padding is antibacterial treated and can be removed and cleaned should the build up sweat become an unwelcome smelly distraction. The ventilation should however keep this to minimum, as the adjustable vents on the front, the crown and exhaust ports on the rear (under the spoiler) will allow air to circulate extremely well.

From a safety perspective its fundemental that you can see stuff coming, and especially your peripheral vision needs to be on point. The Bell SRT helps this by installing the panovision visor which allows for a wider and taller field of vision supporting various riding styles.

Staying with the subject of safety the helmet is made of fibreglass meaning it is lightweight and extremily strong and durable. Its also ECE and DOT certified.

Overall this helmet is going to work really well for a lot of riders and covers a number of styles be it every day use, tourer or somebody that spends a lot of time giving it everything.

Bell Bullit Helmet

An old school lid for the new school rider
  • Sharp 3 star rating
  • Weight 1.4kgs
  • Double D-ring Fastener
  • Suede interior

Its not very often a helmet comes along with a suede lining that feels as nice to touch as it does to wear, however the Bell Bullit does just that. The suede linning offers maximum comfort as well as offering supreme style and ticks boxes for any body looking for a retro looking lid.

The limited chin guard may put some people of this helmet, but what it lacks in protection it more than makes up for in the wide field of vision the visor offers. A real plus for those safety conscious amoung us that understands the importance of peripheral vision.

The visor is available in either flat or bubble which offers various degrees of visability, and is held in place by a leather magnetic clasp which is a nice touch and gives it a real retro feel.

The five metal chrome vents on top looks great, as well as a grill looking vent on the chin and at the rear allows good circulation.

In summary the Bell Bullit is great looking retro helmet offering a high degree of comfort and style. Its ventilation keeps air circulating well so if your a summer only kind of rider you are definitely going to enjoy a cool, sweat free ride.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long do Bell helmets last?

Typically a Bell helmet will last 3-5 years depending on the amount of use. It’s also important to point out that if you drop your bell helmet or are involved in a collision it may need to be replaced. This is because there may be internal damage caused which can limit its protection.

Do Bell helmets fit tight?

Bell helmets may fit a little bit tighter than some other helmet brands, however with padding of different sizes included, will be able to get the fit you like.

I hope you enjoyed this post on the Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets For City Rides. While your looking for a new helmet I recommend you read my post on the Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets For Touring, Design And Upright Riding before you make a decision.

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