The Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Under £100

The best cheap motorcycle helmets for capturing HD video of your commute into work. Choosing your next budget action camera just got a lot easier with our review of GoPro, AKASO EK7000, Veho Muvi KX-1 4K

Strapping on an action camera- positioned precariously on your motorcycle helmet, handle bars or protective gear – is fast becoming the new norm for anyone going anywhere on two wheels.

For those safety conscious among us using a helmet camera may provide valuable evidence should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being involved in an accident. That’s because increasingly the footage can be used as evidence in any subsequent insurance claim following a crash.

For adrenalin junkies an action camera is used to share wonderful footage of their downhill pursuits or careful meandering of a European mountain road.

What ever the reason, helmet cameras are here to stay so why not read on to find out a little bit more about what is the best budget helmet cameras.

Tips on choosing your next motorcycle helmet camera.

If you haven’t done so already give careful consideration to what you want to use the action camera for.

You may want to consider buying a camera which has various mounts and assesories allowing you to fix it to your motorcycle helmet, dash or clothing.

If your an avid under water adventurer you will undoubtably want choose a action camera which has a waterproof case included

Ensuring that your action camera has outstanding video quality may not be as important because you only use it to record footage of your journey to and from work for safety reason.

Conversely you may want exceptional image quality as you enjoy sharing your adventures to your adoring fans on social media platforms. If this is you it is worth considering frame rates rather than max resolution.

This is due to a number of cameras shoot in 4K resolution, some cheaper models use a frame rate of 15fps, which can lead to a blurry video. If you’re shooting in 4K you want at least 30fps, or just shoot in 1080p HD at 60fps. 

The Best Action Cameras


Sodial Mini Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Super Lightweight Waterproof Camera For Any Ride

Rating: 3 out of 5.


+ super cheap
+ Made of Aluminium
+ 5 Mega Pixel camera with mic
+ Multiple Mounts and positioning
If your looking for an unobtrusive helmet camera which is lightweight and easy to use the Sodial Mini is hands down the perfect camera.

It’s super sleek design means that if your planing on fixing it to your helmet it won’t feel overwhelming, obstruct your view or make your head wobble. The fixings and mounts which are also included as standard will also allow it to be fitted to your handlebars as well as a number of other areas.

The waterproof design means this camera will be suitable for rainy commutes into work. Once you are at work the great news is that the camera can be quickly charged in only 2 hours using the the USB charger allowing it to be charged in time for the ride home.

In summary the video quality is not going to compete with some of the more expensive helmet cameras, but if your purely using this as a means of recording your journey to and from work incase you have an accident it is more than adequate.


Ezviz S2 Action Camera

Suited to life on the road either on your dash or your helmet

Rating: 4 out of 5.


+ Dash cam or helmet camera
+ Video Quality 1080p60
+ Low price
+ App available
+ Weighs 77.1g
If your a nine to five kind of person who loves to seek adventures on the weekends the EZVIZ S2 has both bases covered.

Capturing your adrenaline fuelled escapades is a breeze thanks to its 1080p and up to 60fps capabilities. Once you close the car door on your action packed weekend the EZVIZ S2 can move seamlessly into a dash cam recording every moment of your journey.

Further more the camera also features number plate recognition, lane departure system, front proximity alarm, and a g-sensor for detecting and filming accidents. These features alone really adds value should you be involved in an accident.



Helmet camera ready for a budget busting low price

Rating: 4 out of 5.


+ Ideal for wearing on a helmet.
+ 90 Minute Battery life
+ Video: 4K25, 2.7K30 and 1080p60
+ Touchscreen
+ Dash cam capability
Whether your looking for a motorcycle helmet camera for urban travel or high octane adventures the electronic image stabilisation will impress even the most die hard GoPro fans, providing you with smooth footage that’s clear and concise.

At home in the water as much as it is on dry land the Akaso EK7000 can adapt well to time under water thanks to its waterproof case up to 40m and dedicated dive mode which will ensure your footage isn’t compromised due to poor lighting.

The array of fittings means you can fit the camera to most things e.g. your helmet or handle bars. The only thing you need to worry about is running out of battery, but the good news is that won’t happen as you have two included in the box.


Dragon Touch 4K

Touchscreen helmet camera with remote control and anti-shake

Rating: 5 out of 5.


+ 2.0 inch IPS touch screen
+ Video Resolution: 4K/30FPS
+ Image Stabilisation
+ 4x Zoom
+ 16MP photo resolution
The affordability and versatility of the Dragon Touch Camera makes it the perfect piece of kit for time in the saddle and life on the road.

This camera has a remote control which allows you to take stunning video hands-free. You can then watch it back using the two inch screen or through an app which can be downloaded in to a smart phone or tablet.

Encased in its waterproof case it can be used underwater up to 100ft. If however diving isn’t your thing and you simply enjoy getting out on the road then you can do so without having to worry about getting caught in a shower. Just make sure the remote control is covered due to it not being waterproof.

If your safety conscious the Dragon Touch can be used as a dash cam, and when driving mode is switched on will allow loop recording.


Ion Air Pro

Super Sleep HD Motorcycle Helmet Camera For A Super Low Price

Rating: 3 out of 5.


+ Waterproof
+ Will support up to 32GB SD Card
+ Record time 2.5 Hours
+ Weighs just 130g
+ WiFi
+ Records video in 1080p and 720p
A great choice for anyone recording on tough terrain as the Aluminium outer shell is both light and indestructible should you take a fall – or worse suffer a serious case of the butter fingers and drop it on the floor.

This HD ready camera with built in speaker will more than live up to its conservative price tag and whilst it may not win any awards for design and look it will take great footage of your journey into work if that’s your primary concern.

It’s waterproof, comes with a number of assesories to allow you to fit it on a helmet or handle bar, and the 8GB micro SD card included will certainly take some filling.



A budget friendly action camera for any adventure

Rating: 4 out of 5.


+ Small Price tag
+ Waterproof case included
+ 4K10 Resolution
+ 1.8″ Touch Screen
+ Battery: Record up to 3 hours
It would be normal to jump straight into this review of the Veho Muvi KX-1 by applauding the technical wizardry (and that will come), but the plaudits first of all need to go to the carry case which is included. This protective case allows you to keep all your assessories in one place, a real must if you like to Motorcycle Tour.

The waterproof case will protect the camera from the rain if your planning on using it as a motorcycle helmet camera and is also waterproof up to 40m if your into getting even wetter.
A 1.8″ LCD touch screen makes viewing and setting changes a real breeze on the go, while the battery can record up to 3 hours of footage on a single charge.

It can deliver UHD 4K10 or 1080p60 footage without breaking into a sweat and it’s still image capability is equally on par with 12MP.



Excellent video quality with an editing app to match

Rating: 4 out of 5.


+ 4K video resolution and 16MP Photos
+ Edit video with TomTom Bandit App
+ 3hours of recording time
Battery drain can be the bug bear of any rider using an action camera to record their journey to work or down hill adventures. Not the TomTom Bandit though with 3 hours recording at 1080 30fps you may find you run out scenery before you do battery.

What the bandit lacks in video quality compared to some of its more expensive equivalents it more than makes up for in features. Cable free means that charging and uploading of images and video can be done with ease thanks to the integrated USB port which has been given the rather cool name of the Bandit Batt-stick.

The features don’t end there. While you are recording footage of your favourite high speed motorcycle adventure integrated G-force, Speed, Rotation, Acceleration & Altitude sensors record action data. This data is used to identify highlights in your footage whilst also being stored in your video.

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