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5 Step scooter oil change and why it’s important.

An article explaining in five easy steps how to change oil in a scooter or motorcycle, and why its important to do so on a regular basis.

These steps will help you change the oil on a scooter or motorcycle in no time whatso ever.

Hitting the spanner’s and doing a little bit of maintenance on your two wheeled pride and joy is something you may love.

On the other hand if you lack a bit of understanding on basic servicing and maintenance procedures you can very quickly neglect your bike leading to problems further down the road.

Not changing the oil in your scooter or motorcycle regularly can reduce performance and increase fuel consumption and engine wear, jeopardising your warranty or the only means of transport you have.


How to check if you have enough oil in the engine?

There are two ways to check if you have enough oil in your engine and can depend on the vehicle. Some bikes have a dip stick and some have an inspection window.

Dip Stick

It is always a good idea to read the instruction manual before checking the oil level as some makes and models can differ how a dipstick should be read.

To begin, make sure the engine is warm, the scooter or motorcycle is in an upright position and on a flat surface.

Remove the dipstick and wipe with a rag then return it back into its position. Some models require the dipstick to be screwed all the way back into place, and some dipsticks may only need to be placed into position without screwing in all the way (check your manual).

Remove the dip stick again and check that the oil is visible between the the markings. Some dip sticks may have writing stating the high and low points, others might be a crossed area where the oil needs to be between.

Once you have read the level make sure you return it back into its position otherwise oil will shoot out when the engine starts again.


Inspection Window

If your motorcycle has an inspection window which is usually on the right hand side of the engine. Start with a warm engine and the scooter or motorcycle in an upright position.

Look into the inspection window and you should see oil visible. Some engine inspection windows may have marking so ensure the oil falls between these markings.

If the you can’t see any oil or it is only low top up with the required oil adding small amounts in intervals checking the level each time.

IMPORTANT: if your topping up the oil, give the oil time to flow into the bottom of the engine, otherwise you could end up adding to much oil.


How do you know when the oil needs changing?

  • Dipstick: pulling this out and inspecting the oil will allow you to determine its colour. If it thick and black then it may be time for a refresh.
  • Inspection window: on newer scooters and motorcycles they may have a window which will allow you to check the oils colour.
  • Engine noise: an engine with fresh oil will not make as much noise. That’s because fresh oil puts a protective layer of oil around the engines moving parts reducing any transmission noise. A good indication to look out for is increased noise when you rev the engine or change gear if you ride a geared bike.
  • Low level: if the oil level is below the minimum marker it’s time for a check. Also check you don’t have any leaks.
  • Heat: Another good indicator that the oil needs changing is the engine will become hotter due to the extra work it is having to do without good oil. This is because clean engine oil allows for the heat to be spread evenly. Signs to look out for is hotter than normal air coming from the engine.
  • Colour: Typically engine oil is light in colour and can be seen through if it was in a glass. Old oil is very dark in colour and is a good indication that it needs changing to prevent any lasting damage.

What are the benefits to changing the oil on a scooter regularly?

If you want to extend the life of your scooter or motorcycle and reduce the cost of unnecessary repairs and maintenance, changing the oil regularly is one of best things you can do to improve its efficiency.

Benefits Include

  • Performance: ensuring that the metal engine parts are lubricated with clean oil will improve performance and MPG.
  • Remove dirt: if you have changed your engine oil before you will have noticed the difference between the new and old oil. Continually running the scooter or motorcycle with dirty oil can cause detrimental damage to the engine.

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How often should I change the oil in my scooter?

Typically the engine oil in a scooter needs to be changed every 1500-2000 miles, which will avoid any damage being caused to the engine.

However there is other factors which might mean you may have to change the oil a different intervals other than every 1500-2000 miles.


If you purchase a new scooter or motorcycle one of the main things a shop or dealer will tell you to do is to change the oil after the first 600-800 miles.


On the other hand if you have an older scooter or motorcycle the engine oil will need to be replaced more regularly due to the engine wearing considerably quicker with age.

Ride Time

If you live in a city and you commute daily, filtering through traffic which can be very stop start this will cause more wear and tear on the engine. If this describes your scooter or motorcycle use it would be beneficial to change the oil more regularly.

On the other hand if you use your scooter or motorcycles less regularly and/or travel long distance, or steer clear of traffic you will likely need to replace the oil less regularly. So you could change the oil every 1000 – 2000 miles due to the wear on the engine being less due to your riding time.

The amount of oil required in a scooter engine can differ a lot, and depends on the make and model. I would suggest checking your owners manual or speaking to your main dealer. To much oil is just as bad as not enough oil.

This post will help your to understand and know how to change the oil on any scooter or motorcycle. You will learn the following:

  • Why you need to change oil.
  • How to change oil on a scooter of motorcycle.
  • The best types of oil to use.

5 Steps: How to change oil

Step one

Warm up: start your scooter or motorcycle and allow it to run for 5mins. This will warm up the oil allowing it to drain quicker.

Step Two

Locate dipstick and remove. This allows the air to pass through the engine and allows the oil to drain quicker and easier.

Place a low profile drain container under the engine just below the drain bolt to catch oil. If you don’t have a low profile drain you can lay an empty milk cartoon on its side, with a cut hole to catch the old oil.

Locate oil drain plug which is usually at the lowest part of the engine and unscrew.

Step Three

Drain oil. If there is spring/filter attached to screw remove debris.

Clean drain plug with a rag before screwing back into position, and ensure is tight.

Step Four

Fill engine with oil again using a funnel positioned where the dip stick is located. ensure the correct amount of oil is used in accordance with manufacturer information.

Step Five

Run the engine for 10 minutes checking for leaks. Turn off engine and let the engine cool off for 5 minutes allowing oil to settle. Check dipstick to ensure amount of oil is correct.

If you are unsure how to check if there is enough oil in your engine you can read the steps below.


How often should you change the oil on a scooter or motorcycle?

1500-2000miles is recommended.

It’s always a good idea to check with the manufacture of your scooter as it can differ. It’s also important if you have had the scooter or motorcycle from new to check as not servicing and maintaining the vehicle inline with the prescribed schedule may invalidate the warranty.

Can I change the oil in my scooter or motorcycle myself?

Changing the oil is a relatively simple procedure. Where problems can arise is not putting the correct amount of oil back in, so check before hand the amount of oil by speaking to the manufacturer. If you are still not confident in doing the oil change yourself speak to a local garage who will be more than happy to do it for you.


Which type of oil should I use?

Synthetic blend or fully synthetic oil is the best oil you can buy. Whilst this can be a little more expensive your engine can benefit in the following way:

  • Synthetic oil is less likely to breakdown from heat and friction meaning it will last longer.
  • The chemical properties of synthetic oil means it is less likely to evaporate due to the high temperatures from the engine.

Tools and Oil Recommendations

Castrol POWER 1 Motorcycle Engine Oil 4L

Oil Drain Pan – 16litres

Rolson 36109 Socket Set – 40 Pieces


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oil do you put in a scooter?

The oil required for a four stroke scooter is 10w-30 or 15w-40 engine oil. It is always recommended though that you speak to your main dealer or check the owner manual.

What is the best oil for a 50cc scooter?

The best oil for a 50cc is 15w40.

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What happens if you go too long without an oil change?

If you don’t change the oil in your scooter or motorcycle it will result in engine failure, and you will need to replace the engine.

How much oil Honda Vision 110cc engine takes?

One of the most popular scooters is the Honda Vision 110cc which is used by many. If you want to change the oil yourself and are not sure how much oil a Honda Vision engine takes please see below:

  • Oil Capacity (Litres) 0.8L

What oil type for Honda Vision 110?

Changing the oil yourself if you have a Honda Vision 110 is a great way of saving some money. But what oil type is best for using in the engine of a Honda Vision 110:

  • 10W40w Semi synthetic Oil

These 5 Steps to change oil on a scooter has hopefully helped you to perform a service. Can I recommend another post I wrote which includes 7 Steps to wash a motorcycle and what are the best products to use.

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