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7 Best Maxi Scooters For Touring Review.

I have 7 of the best Maxi Scooters for you to read, which has been updated recently (29th Dec 2021) to include the latest manufacturer information.

Kicking back and squeezing the throttle of a two wheeled scooter in complete comfort has hugely improved thanks to the addition of Maxi Scooters.

What is a Maxi Scooter?

A Maxi Scooter has a larger engine capacity typically over 125cc and is capable of speeds up to and beyond 60mph/km.

Hi In terms of design a maxi scooter differs slightly from a smaller scooter as they will have larger fairings offering improved weather protection.

If you carry passengers a maxi scooter has additional seat space and comfort. Plus it’s design is perfect for people that have an outer town commute as it’s engine capacity will easily cruise dual carriageways and motorways.

So in this post we will look at some of the best Maxi Scooters available to help you enjoy your urban ride or commute.

Yamaha TMAX 530

A long haul cruiser with perfect design

  • Weight 213kg
  • Engine 562cc
  • Fuel Injection
  • Smart Key Operation
  • Centre Stand Locking System

Arguably one of best looking scooters in this list the Yamaha TMAX 530 is both nimble and agile making it perfect for commuting and city riding.

Boasting features such as advance traction control and ABS it is scooter that gives you control and composure.

The addional storage space under the seat means their is more than enough storage space for travel wear or a motorcycle helmet.

Honda X-ADV

A powerful and sophisticated ride

  • Weight 238kg
  • Engine 745cc
  • Brakes front: double disk
  • Brakes rear: single disk

A scooter that’s at home on the commute as much as it is the weekend cruise. The Honda X-ADV agility makes it a perfect ride for weaving in and out of city traffic, while the laid back ride position makes cruising an absolute joy.

Under the seat the 21 litre capacity allows easy storage of a crash helmet or other ride wear. An illuminated 12 volt socket is also accessible should you need it.

The engines punch and zip comes from the 745cc twin cylinder engine delivering exceptional torque, which comes in especially handy if your a city rider.

Kymco XCITING S400i

Luxury urban riding with an affordable price tag.

  • Fuel Injection
  • Weight 195kg
  • 400cc
  • Day time running lights

An exciting upgrade on its predecessor the Kymco XCITING S400i brings affordable luxury to the maxi scooter sector.

Designed for the commuter market the XCITING S400i boasts features such as ABS, luxury seat and adjustable suspension to make any rush hour ride a little more bearable.

By far its most impressive piece of kit is Kymco’s Noodoe System. This piece of tech allows you to connect you phone via Bluetooth and can display sat-nav directions on the dashboard. If you so choose you can also use it to read texts or view apps.

In terms of storage you get somewhere to stow your motorcycle helmet which features a double locking mechanism, and two glove boxes.

Piaggio Beverly 350 Sport Touring

What it lacks in power it makes up for in prowess.

  • Fuel tank capacity: 12L (3.2gal)
  • engine: 350cc
  • Fuel System: electronic injection
  • Consumption: 65.4 mpg (27.8 km/l)

If your commute entails noisey, poorly heated wagons full off sneezing coughing companions it could be time for an upgrade.

One such upgrade could be the Piaggio Beverly 350 Sport Touring a real trail blazer in the maxi scooter sector.

The 350cc engine punches way above its weight and class and boasts an impressive 65.38mpg (27.8 km/l) fuel consumption.

There is an impressive storage compartment for two full face helmets as well a USB charging port should you need to charge your phone on the go.

Slamming on the anchors is under full control thanks to the ABS and ARS traction control. ASR traction control is designed to counteract loss of grip from wet and dirty surfaces.

BMW C Evolution

Urban Agility with the added benefit of being electric

  • ABS
  • Torque Control Assist
  • Reverse Gear
  • Tinted Windscreen
  • Charging cable with 3 pin domestic

With its futuristic styling and electric technology, the BMW C Evolution is breaking new ground for the environmentally conscious maxi scooter riders.

The electric engine has an impressive range of up to 160km/100miles which means it’s more than capable of covering your daily commute. And when it’s becomes time to charge it can be plugged into either a household plug socket or charging station.

As for its petrol equivalent, because the engine is powered by electricity you are get a direct power transmission. This means that there is no delay in the build up of torque, so you faster off the blocks.

And so on to the important numbers. The top speed of 120km/h (75mph) is capped to conserve battery power but is more than enough if you do a lot of city riding. And 0-50km/h is an impressive 2.8 seconds.

BMW C 400 GT

A snarling beast of a scooter

  • Keyless Ride
  • Full-LED headlamp
  • ABS
  • Automatic Stability Control (ASC)
  • 350cc
  • 34HP
  • Weight 212kg

From its daytime running lights, keyless ignition, and ABS, the BMW C 400 GT is a real standard setter for other manufactures. It’s clean lines and perfectly designed fairings (with wind resistance in mind) makes this scooter a real head turner as well as very aerodynamic.

It’s style doesn’t end there as it is available in three different colours; Alpine White, Moonwalk grey metallic and Blackstorm metallic.

Whether your a commuter or simply enjoy cruising at weekends the C 400 GT is suited to both. Thanks to it’s agile 350cc engine delivering 34HP it’s both nimble and low on fuel consumption.

What is the best maxi scooter over 500cc?

The best maxi scooter over 500cc is the Yamaha TMAX 530 thanks to its power, performance and design, You will struggle to find a better maxi scooter.

What is the most comfortable maxi scooter?

The Most comfortable maxi scooter is the BMW C 400 GT in part due to it ride position and seating design.

What is the best 400cc maxi scooter?

The best 400cc maxi scooter for performance and speed is the BMW C 400 GT.

What is the best electric maxi scooter?

The BMW C Evolution is the best electric maxi scooter thanks to its electric engine having an impressive range of up to 160km/100miles.

The best maxi scooter for tall riders?

If your tall the Honda X-ADV is the best maxi scooter for the long legged.

The best maxi scooter for touring?

The winner of the best maxi scooter for touring is the Honda X-ADV due to its performance, ride position and comfort.

I hope this post about the 7 Best Maxi Scooters For City Riding has helped with your choice before purchasing. You may also like to read a very popular post I wrote about the 5 Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets For City Rides.

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