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Crank Brothers Multi-17 Multi-Tool

Behold the Crank Brothers Multi-17 multi-tool. Featuring a light weight design and various tools to cover every eventuality.

Life on the open road is packed full of adventure. But nothing brings adrenaline fuelled antics to an abrupt end than a failing machine.

Flat tyres and broken chains can be the bain of your life without the right tools to hand to get you out of that sticky situation.

Step forward then the Crank Brothers Multi-17 multi-tool. Available in grey and gold this compact and light weight tool covers every eventuality, even fixing broken chains.

Made from high tensile steel it’s perfect for making adjustments and repairs on the trail. It features four spoke wrench sizes, seven hex wrench sizes, an 8mm and 10mm open wrench, and both a phillips and flathead screwdriver.

  • Includes 17 Tools
  • Colour: Grey and Gold
  • Simple Functional Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
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