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Honda Vision Verses Honda PCX Review

A review of the Honda Vision verses Honda PCX

The Honda Vision was introduced onto our streets in 2011 and since then has been the go to affordable scooter solution.

Providing exceptional fuel economy as well as a nimble and agile ride, makes it a well prepared two wheeler for busy streets all over the world.

Honda also have an established reputation for providing exceptional reliability, and its no wonder the Honda PCX consistently tops the sales in the UK as the leading commuter option for many riders.

The comfortable ride position of the PCX as well as the effortless acceleration from the 125cc engine turns any commute into a real pleasure.

This post will look into both the Vision and PCX to draw comparisons and bring you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Honda Vision 110cc

+ Fuel Injection

+ 108cc Engine

+ Electric Starter

+ Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single engine

+ 147mpg

Honda PCX 125cc

+ PGM-FI electronic fuel injection

+ 125cc Engine

+ 8 Litre fuel tank

+ Single-cylinder, liquid cooled, SOHC 4-stroke 2-valve engine

Engine Information

The Vision has a 108cc air-cooled four stroke engine provides an exceptional 147 mpg keeping your fuel costs low. The engine is also equipped with idling stop technology meaning that the engine automatically switches off at traffic light saving fuel.

In comparison to the vision the Honda PCX features a slightly larger 125cc engine and the trade off for that is a reduction in fuel economy which is 100 mpg. The euro 4 engine, similar to the vision, also has idling stop so if you like to do your bit for the environment.

Running costs

The Honda Vision will save you money when it comes to insurance costs as it is group lower than the PCX. You will also save money at the petrol pump as you get an extra 40 mpg with the vision compared to the PCX.

While the cost may vary from dealership and location the vision costs approximately £700 less than the PCX.


Both the Honda Vision and the PCX has under-seat storage with enough room to fit a helmet, reducing the need to carry it around with you.

The vision has 18litres storage capacity where as the PCX has 28 litres which may come in handy if your carrying extra kit.

You can gain access to the under seat storage on both scooters by using a switch on the ignition panel.

The PCX also has a power outlet concealed in a front compartment. This is especially useful if you need to keep your phone charged on the road. The Honda vision doesn’t have this feature.


Both the Vision and PCX have disks brakes on the front and drums on the rear. The PCX slightly betters the vision as it has ABS on the front which delivers smoother braking as well as offering added confidence to rider should they need to stop suddenly on slippery surfaces.

Licence Requirements

Both the 110cc Vision and the 125cc NMax are A1 Licence compliant and once you pass a CBT and Theory Test can be ridden from the age of 17. These low barriers to entry is why these scooters are so accessible and popular, allowing people of all ages to get access to affordable transport.

The Verdict:Vision or PCX

If your travelling on faster roads where it is important to keep up with the flow of traffic the PCX is certainly going to be the favourite. The PCX’s larger engine compared to vision means you can easily cruise along with out the worry of losing speed at the top end making your ride a great deal safer. You may also like to read another post about the best maxi scooters for city riding.

The vision is perfectly suited for heavy traffic cities. It’s agile design makes weaving between stationary vehicles perfect and with a higher mpg than the PCX means the running cost are considerably cheaper.

In terms of braking while both scooters have very similar systems the PCX has added benefit due to the ABS on the front.

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