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Gildred Racing Gets It’s Hands on the a MK3 Mini to produce a 500+ HP Beast.

A British classic gets an overhaul of stupendous proportions to produce a snarling, teeth bearing monster of a ride.

The much revered Mini Cooper has been the bread and butter of many first time drivers and classic car enthusiast across the world.

But it wasn’t just loved by amateur drivers. It’s presence on the race track was not to be sniffed at either, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965 and 1967.

And to this day is still a firm favourite for would be enthusiast and mechanics looking to restore classic. In 2013 a new record was set when an Austin Mini Cooper S sold at auction for £31,000.

If however you want to skip the grease monkey phase and jump straight into the driving phase Gildred Racing have a more efficient way of helping you part with your cash.

If you give the guys at Gildred Racing $150k of your hard earned dollar, they will produce a narly, steroid induced beast of a Mini Cooper which as a minimum will entertain and excite you with every drive.

Under the bonnet the supercharged Acura V6 engine with Arias forged pistons, delivers a gut wrenching 502hp and will go from 0-60 in under 4 seconds.

Further upgrades include fully-adjustable coil-overs and Wilwood quad-piston forged billet calipers- chomping down on 9.5″ vented rotors.

It rolls on 13 inch wheels and tyres with customers able to upgrade custom interiors, wheels, and paint options. You also get heated and cooled Recaro seats which look incredible, and an Alpine Stereo and dash integrated tablet.

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