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Electric Scooters Legal On UK Roads.

Electric scooter hire get the go ahead for a 12 month trial in the UK.

Electric scooter rental gets the green light for a 12 month trial.

From the 4th July electric scooters are legal on UK roads meaning you can now zip to work in a more environmentally friendly way by renting an E-Scooter.

It’s not all positive though as privately owned electric scooters are still classed as illegal on the UK roads.

The government announcement is thought to have come about due to the increasing popularity of electric scooters by city commuters looking for alternative means of transport during the COVID crisis.

There is strict laws which renters of electric scooter need to adhere to. The Department for Transport has said riders must be at least 16 years old and have a full or provisional car, motorbike or moped licence.

Riders are also encouraged to wear protective head gear, must not ride on pavements and pedestrianised areas and must not go faster than 15.5mph.

There is an important message behind the government promoting rental electric scooter schemes in the current climate. Firstly electric scooters have a battery range of up to 30 miles allowing city commuters to take advantage of a socially distant transport solution.

Secondly the low emissions of this green mode of transport reduces emissions and will go someway to reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

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