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Who Knew? Top Tip For All Drivers At The Petrol Station.

This is a great tip for any drivers out there that probably makes this mistake weekly when they fill up at the petrol station.

It doesn’t seem to matter how long you have been driving, pretty much everyone has forgotten which side the fuel cap is on their car.

To avoid the frustration of having to move the car at the petrol station and loosing your spot in the cue, simply check what direction the arrow is pointing on the petrol pump gauge as it tells you which side to fill up.

Arrow Indicates Which Side To Fill Up

And there you have it. Your welcome…

Extra Bonus Tip:

If you are super security conscious and go to great lengths to secure your bicycle or motorbike the chances are you may have noticed a small hole at the bottom of the pad lock.

Did you know that the holes are there to serve as drainage to prevent water building up inside, and also allows oil to be sprayed into to keeps the inner workings moving and rust free.

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