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A Piece Of 80’s History: Chevrolet ‘A-Team’ Van Goes Under The Hammer.

Arguable the most iconic vehicle of the 1980’s.

First debuting in 1983, following a fictional group of ragtag special forces personnel, the A-Team was an enormously popular action TV show as they took on different adventures and enemies in their customised van.

Now possessing a legendary reputation enjoyed only by iconic 1980s TV and movie cars such as the “KITT” of Knight Rider and the “General Lee” of The Dukes Of Hazzard, the updated adventure van of The A-Team is expected to cross the auction block soon.

As the examples used in the production of the show were largely lost during recording, the 1979 specimen was one of half a dozen examples produced by Universal Studios for promotional applications in and around the US and Canada.

As such, the classic orange-accented black and silver livery, spoiler and front air dam, 14-speak American Racing wheels covered with BFG, and a quad-tip exhaust system are featured in the Chevy. Inside, the car features a front sunroof, four captain’s seats, CB radio, an Uzi SMG passenger door, a wall-mounted shotgun and assault rifle, and a French rear door-style gate that opens to show a belt-fed machine gun mounted on the rear-facing deck.

The 1979 Chevrolet ‘A-Team’ Van, sold without a reserve price, is scheduled to take its turn at the upcoming Scottsdale sale by Worldwide Auctioneers on January 23, 2021, crossing the block.

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