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How Much Do Deliveroo Drivers Make In 2023: 15 Tips to Increase your…

Want to earn £500+ per week? We have the perfect side hustle and how to get started….

We set out to answer the popular question by many looking for a new a career and want to know How Much Do Deliveroo Drivers Make In 2023?

What are the benefits to working for Deliveroo?

One of the most appealing aspects riders have in working for Deliveroo is that you get to choose when you work. This is crucial for people that may want to work around their family, or simply wants to earn outside of their main job.

You may also already have a scooter, bicycle or car in your household that you use for a daily commute. Once you have the correct business insurance in place you can use this vehicle to earn an income.

What you will need to work for Deliveroo?

  • Scooter, bike or car (with licence and insurance)
  • Safety equipment (e.g. helmet)
  • Smartphone with iOS 12 / Android 6 or above
  • Proof of your right to work self-employed in the UK
  • Age 18+

If you not sure what the best equipment is or what stuff you need you may like to read my post on what equipment do I need for Deliveroo?


Best vehicle To Deliver Food with Deliveroo?

Deciding which vehicle to use to deliver food for Deliveroo is going to be based on a one main factor, money. I have broken down some pro’s and cons below:


Using a bicycle is going to be the cheapest option of the three because you will not require insurance.

It is hard work, and the weather can be horrible at times and you may not be able to complete as many deliveries meaning lower Deliveroo Pay, however on the plus side you will get fit.

The bicycle option also means you can start out working for Deliveroo to see if this is something you like to do, and to also see how much you can earn from Deliveroo.


This is going to be a much quicker method of transport and whilst you will be exposed to bad weather much like a cyclist you wont get as tied and can potentially complete more orders meaning more pay from Deliveroo.

You do have to take into consideration the cost of Food Delivery Insurance which can be considerably higher for a scooter or motorcycle, as well as vehicle depreciation, cost of fuel, as well as servicing and maintenance.


The major plus side to using a car is that you are very protected from bad weather in comparison to scooter or bicycle rider who are not. However the things to pay for are similar to a scooter/motorcycle (insurance, servicing and maintenance) but the actual cost is going to be higher.

Using a car to deliver food for Deliveroo in big cities such as London will be slower than using a scooter or bicycle due to the traffic.

If you are spending a lot of time in traffic this will reduce the amount of deliveries you can make per hour, will increase fuel consumption and thus reduce the amount you can earn from Deliveroo.


What checks will need to be carried out prior to starting?

Prior to making your first delivery Deliveroo will need to carry out some checks.

You need to prove you are eligible to work in the UK, as well as pass criminal record checks.

You will also need to demonstrate you have the appropriate business insurance in place if you’re a driver and provide registration details.

How do I make my first delivery?

You simply go online whenever you’re in an area which Deliveroo covers during its opening hours. While online, Deliveroo will send you orders to deliver which you can decide if you want to take.


How much do I get paid for a delivery?

Deliveroo pays a competitive fee for each order you deliver. This amount differs depending on the size of order and location where the delivery needs to be taken. You can also earn tips from customers too, which helps towards your earnings goals.

It’s also worth noting that you can earn extra money when Deliveroo pays a boost. The amount that is paid will depend on things such as how many riders are working, demand in a particular area and even weather condition.

What is best time to work for Deliveroo?

Knowing and understanding Deliveroos customers is what is going to help you to earn the most amount of money. Also, If you use Deliveroo yourself thinking about when you order food on the app can help with choosing when to work yourself.

Below is table which shows the best times to work for Deliveroo. As you can see the best periods to work is lunch and dinner times as well as weekends.

Deliveroo Rider Best Times To Work During The Week.
Deliveroo Rider Best Times To Work During The Week.

Cities and towns

If you live in a big city where there is a high concentration of people, the busiest periods to work for Deliveroo and earn the most pay is Fridays – Saturday between 18:00 – 21:00 which Deliveroo calls super-peak.

Student Towns/Halls of residents

If Deliveroo is available in university areas where there is Halls of residents for students, working during the week might be a good option. Students typically socialise more during the week so working during breakfast and lunchtimes as well as after clubs and pubs close can help with increasing your Deliveroo Pay.

This is very seasonal though given that students are only at university during term times.

Pub closing time

Who hasn’t been to the pub and then hit the local takeaway after? Increasingly the periods during the week after pubs close is a good time to log into the app and work. Drunk people are always hungrier than sober people.

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Business Lunchtimes

Let’s face it there is only so many times you can visit Pret in a week before the sandwich selection becomes a little on the dull side. So Deliveroo provides a welcome alternative for people’s lunchtimes, so if your living in a large city where a large amount of people commuted, working during the lunchtime period could prove a good time to earn.

However one thing to take into consideration is that a great deal of people since lockdown have not returned to the office, choosing instead to work from home so city footfall is down a lot so Deliveroo riders may not see the earnings pre pandemic.

Pay Days

Pay days are a great way of increasing your Deliveroo pay. People will typically like to splash out towards the end of the month when they get paid on getting take away food or ordering food in. Knowing this will you help you to earn more with Deliveroo.

How much does Deliveroo pay per hour?

This can differ depending on many factors but is typically between £7-12 per hour (Credit Nimblefins).

Deliveroo Rider Kit

How much can I earn from Deliveroo per week?

To answer this question you have to understand there are many factors which can determine this such as demand, weather, the number of hours you work or location.


Another factor which we have not discussed is the number of apps you are running. This is a popular approach now with riders working for other platforms such as Justeat and Ubereats at the same time as working for Deliveroo.

Depending on the vehicle you use to deliver food (bicycle, motorcycle or car) you have to take into consideration that there is going to be costs associated with this, such as insurance or servicing and maintenance. However the good news is that some of the costs are classed as expenses which you can use to reduce the amount of tax that is due.

How Much Do Deliveroo Drivers Make In 2023

We have broken things down into three areas of earning potential:

  • Side Hustle Pay: 10-15 Hours pw £90-150
  • Part-Time Pay: 15-30 Hours pw £200-350
  • Full-Time Pay: 30-45+ Hours pw £350-500+

For a more detailed breakdown of Deliveroo pay rates please see the rest of the post below.

Side Hustle:

10-15 hours per week

£90-£150 per week

If you work full time and only do deliveries in the evening you potentially can earn anything from £90-£150 per week. This of course depends on the vehicle you are using and the amount of hours you are working.


15-30 hours per week

£200- £350 per week

For riders who may want to fit some part time hours around family commitments, it is realistic to expect to earn between £200 and £350 per week, which for part time hours according to your schedule is very appealing.


30-45+ hours per week

£350-£500+ per week

If your looking at going all in and committing to becoming a full time delivery rider, here is where you have the potential to earn the most amount of money per week. It’s worth saying at this point that a majority of riders working full time hours will be running 2-3 different apps at a time to maximise their earnings.

Interested in knowing more about what you can earn with delivery apps? You may like to read our post on what Deliveroo cyclists earn.

How much does a Deliveroo Rider in London Area make?

A Deliveroo rider that works within London can expect to earn a salary of approximately £17,675 per year. However this is based on full time hours and doesn’t take into consideration working more hours or using multiple apps at one time.

You will need to complete a Self-Assessment.

An important point to make is that if you are working for Deliveroo (part time or full time) you will need to file a tax return each year to pay any tax due on your earnings.

This is because you are classed as self-employed rather than an employee. This has its benefits because you get to choose when you work, however you are not entitled to paid holiday or sickness. Also, when you file a tax return each year you can include expenses that you need to work for Deliveroo.

Deliveroo Scooter Driver

Read More: What expenses can a deliveroo driver claim?

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Deliveroo Driver Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deliveroo inform HMRC?

Increasingly people who are working for Deliveroo are being contacted by HMRC for not paying tax or registering as self employed. To avoid this happening speak to an accountant that specialise in delivery drivers.

How do I get paid by Deliveroo?

Every Tuesday you get paid for deliveries which you have completed including 100% of any tips you received from customers. If you want to get paid sooner you can use the cash out feature in the Deliveroo App for a 50p fee.

Can you do Deliveroo at age 16?

Sorry to say that the minimum age you can start working for Deliveroo is age 18.

Are Deliveroo bags heated?

No, they are currently not heated. The bags are very thick though and do keep food warm. The only problem you might have is the hot food can sweat inside.

Are Deliveroo bags waterproof?

Yes the bags are waterproof however the zip around the edge is not. Given that the zip is only a small area it’s unlikely to let any water in.

How long is the Deliveroo waiting list?

1-2 weeks, however this can depend on many factors such area, time of year and number of riders. I would recommend applying for other delivery apps such as Stuart, Justeat, Ubereats and others as some companies are quicker than other. This will mean you can start earning money sooner rather than later.

Can you do Deliveroo as a side job?

Yes, this is the beauty of working for Deliveroo. You can work flexibly around a full time job you may already have. Using a bicycle means you have very little cost to get started in comparison to say using a car or motorcycle. It also allows you to see if this is a job you enjoy.

Does Deliveroo pay for petrol?

No Deliveroo doesn’t pay for petrol so that it why it is important to factor that into your costs. If you are looking to get started making deliveries with as little cost as possible you may want to consider using a bicycle to start with as we mentioned above.

Does Deliveroo Pay By Cash?

Deliveroo pays all its drivers into their bank account which was given at sign up. This payment will include the payments for deliveries plus any tips you may have received from customers.

Deliveroo Driver or Rider Priority: which gets more orders?

The million dollar question, which Deliveroo rider or driver gets priority. Here we are talking about whether you are making deliveries using a car, motorcycle or scooter.

Its fair to say that if you are living in a big city with lots of traffic it is likely that those delivering using a scooter or motorcycle would get more of a priority, with cyclist coming in second. This is because a car will take longer due to having to sit in traffic for long periods of time, in comparison to a scooter or bicycle which can move through traffic quicker.

And while Deliveroo would never say this to be the case, it is likely to be given that speed and efficiency is what makes Deliveroo successful. After all no customer is going to want their delivery turning up late and cold.

The downside however to making deliveries on a scooter or bicycle is that you are very exposed to all sorts of weather conditions, in comparison to a car which has a heater for cold winter months or air conditioning in the summer.

As we have already explained making deliveries on a bicycle is going to be cheaper in comparison to a car or motorcycle. This is because a car and motorcycle will require insurance, tax etc as well as the cost of petrol.

Thank you for reading this post on How Much Do Deliveroo Drivers Make In 2023. while you are here I recommend that you read 15 expenses a Deliveroo rider can claim. This post will explain the types of things you purchase to work for Deliveroo which you can claim back in your tax return. You might also like to read a post about what equipment do I need for Deliveroo which shows the best gear for your job.

If you need help with registering as self employed or need to file a tax return we recommend you contact Ugo Tax.

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