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Can Motorbikes Use Lambeth Bus Lanes [2022]?

Knowing whether motorbikes can use Lambeth bus lanes is becoming increasingly confusing, with some motorcyclists complaining that they have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for riding in a bus lane despite other London borough allowing it.

We are therefore are going to help answer your question about can motorbikes use Lambeth Bus Lanes?


Motorcyclist using bus lanes is allowed across a lot of London Boroughs, which was introduced as a way of providing safer routes for those on scooters and bikes. Other benefits includes reducing congestion and also emissions in the congested capital.


Riders beware though as because this is not a blanket policy across the whole of London, motorcyclist can not use all bus lanes which is causing a great deal of confusion and PCNs are being issued.

As per Lambeth Councils website they state that all bus lanes are sign posted stating what restrictions apply and when. And because these bus lanes are monitored by CCTV they can quickly issue a fine whether your in a car, van or motorbike user.

Lambeth Road Bus Lane is proving costly for motorcyclists with PCN’s issued.

What is confusing some road users though especially motorcycle and scooter riders is that some bus lanes in Lambeth can be used by those on two wheels. However other bus lanes in Lambeth such as the bus lane on Lambeth Road are not permitted to be used by scooter and motorcycle uses and is proving costly.

This is proving to be very confusing for motorcyclists and resulting in fines being issued at a cost of £130.00. However this is reduced by 50% to £65.00 if it paid within a set period of time.


So to avoid this happening to you we recommend checking the restriction on your route as they may have been changed recently. You may also want to check on the Transport For London Website which shows which boroughs and roads allow motorcycles to use bus lanes.

Hopefully the information we have provided about can motorbikes use Lambeth Bus Lanes was useful. If you spend a lot of time on the road can i recommend reading my post about the 9 Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Under £150.

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