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LITELOK’s X1 Anti-Theft uncuttable Motorcycle Lock; resistant to angle grinders.

LITELOK X1 Armoured D-Lock Black Anti Angle Grinder Bicycle Lock

For years thieves have been the thorn in the side of scooter and motorcycle riders. This may be about to change though thanks to LITELOK’s X1 Anti-Theft Motorcycle Lock.


The speed at which scooters and motorcycles are stolen is what has caused so many riders problems. Typically a bike lock can be cut and removed in seconds. This is down to thieves using power tools such as angle grinders which make light work of chains and disk locks.

Portable angle grinders can cut through steel in seconds. Step forward then the LITELOK’s X1 Anti-Theft uncuttable Motorcycle Lock. This lock is resistant to angle grinders meaning you can sleep easy at night knowing your pride and joy is safe and sound.

For many years Litelok have been making exceptional locks which have surpassed the likes of Kryptonite, but have taking bike and motorcycle security to a whole new level.


The Litlok X1 Lock is made from Barronium, a material which is so strong it cannot be cut with an angle grinders and bolt cutters, and is 5 times stronger than other D-Locks in its class.

The user friendly designed mount fixes easily to any frame, and can be removed with to much hassle. While the protective coating surrounding the lock protects your paint work from scuff marks and scratches.

While the Litlok X1 lock has been designed for cyclists in mind, it’s resistance to being cut by angle grinders make it perfect for scooter and motorcycle users. It’s Light weight design means it can easily be stored under your seat.

If you are looking to buy this lock it is available from Amazon for £149.99 which is great value considering the value of your bike or scooter.

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