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Bike Crash: what to do next?

The information in this post will focus predominantly on those on a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle. However this could also benefit anyone that finds themselves in an accident, or observes others.

If you have ever been involved in an accident the shock of such an event can stay with you forever. But following a few key things immediately after can benefit you massively in the days, weeks or months after.

  1. Check your safe! If it is safe to do so move yourself away from any further danger e.g. moving cars or lorries, unless of course you suspect you may have a neck or back injury. If others cyclists or moped riders are involved consider redirecting traffic, then when it is safe to do so call for an ambulance. It is also important to call the police as the call will be logged and may need to be used as evidence later.
  2. share details and find some witnesses. It is a legal requirement for all parties
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    involved in an accident to share details making sure you record the following: registration number, make, model and colour of any vehicles. Gather information from any witnesses who saw what happened, if you cannot due to your injuries ask someone else to on your behalf. This is important as it is crucial evidence you may need to prove your side of events.

  3. Take Pictures. Gathering crucial photographic evidence will help to protect your side of events. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, any visible damage and their vehicle registration plates. The layout of the road, sign posts and skids marks are all good pieces of information you may later rely on. If your phone is damaged sketch as much detail on a piece of paper, or ask somebody else to take pictures for you.
  4. Your vehicle damage. Take pictures of any damage which has been caused to your scooter or bicycles as proof for potential compensation. Keep any receipts you have from getting your vehicle repaired.

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