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What Expenses Can A Deliveroo Rider Claim?

Lets face it, we all wish we could reduce the amount of tax we pay. Being Self employed means that you can set off costs against your income, reducing the amount of tax you pay.

Expenses are things which you need to pay for in relation to the work you do for Deliveroo. HMRC has rules about what you can claim for (known as Allowable Expenses) and those you can’t (Disallowable Expenses).

Allowable Expenses:

  • Deliveroo commissions and service charges;
  • Parking charges (fines are not allowed);
  • Bike maintenance such as brake pads, tyre replacement;
  • Kit, thermal bags;
  • Mobile phone, phone holder & data allowance;
  • Insurance;
  • Accountants fees;
  • Bank charges for a business bank account.
  • Mobile Phone (however, only a portion can go towards your allowable expences)
  • Mileage Allowance
  • Servicing and maintenance costs

Disallowable Expenses:

Here is a few disallowable expenses for Deliveroo Riders:

  • Parking fines and penalties;
  • Lunch, unless in special circumstances;

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