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How Much Does A Deliveroo Cyclist get paid 2022?

Read how much a Deliveroo cyclist can make per hour in the UK.

Updated: 20th August 2022

Knowing how much a Deliveroo cyclist gets paid is a real must before you decide to start your new job.

Luckily for you I have provided all the information you need to get started.

If you choose to work for Deliveroo you have the option of delivering food in by either cycling, scooter/motorcycle or car.

Whilst all three have various vehicle options have pros and cons, this post is going focus on drivers that deliver food using a bicycle, and reveal How Much Does A Deliveroo Cyclist get paid.

Now, before you dust of the chopper from your nan’s shed, layer up with your fathers spandex and head out into the mean ole streets of the UK there are some things to consider.


Cycling is dangerous at the best of times, but if your racing to get joe blogs his lamb shish in the dark of winter with horizontal rain, this adds an added element of danger.

Delivery Rider Wearing a delivery bag

Best Time Of Year To Work For Deliveroo?

Winter is a great time to earn money with Deliveroo. That’s because bad weather and dark nights effect how much a Deliveroo cyclist gets paid.

The colder darker months of the year from Sept – April is a busy period for Deliveroo because people stay in more and like to get take away food when it is to cold to go out.

On the other hand summer riding is pretty close to being one of the best ways to stay fit, and if you can be paid to do it then what an added bonus. Take into consideration though Deliveroo can be quieter during the warmer months.

The warmer times of the year (May – August) can affect how much a Deliveroo cyclist gets paid. During these months two factors affect income; number of Deliveroo riders and peoples social habits.

Summer means a lot people want to ride for Deliveroo which means there can be two many riders and not enough orders. Also during the summer people eat out more at pubs and restaurants so this can affect the number of orders you are likely to get, and subsequently your Deliveroo Pay.

Benefits Of Being A Deliveroo Cyclist?

Using a bicycle instead of a scooter or car can reduce the costs you need to pay out. This is because you won’t need to pay for expensive fast food delivery insurance while using a bike. You will have maintenance costs for your bicycle such as tyres or brake pads, but these can be used expenses when you submit a tax return.


A bicycle does not need fuel in comparison to a car or scooter. However, you will need to add fuel of a different kind. Cycling is very labour intensive, especially if you are looking to work part or full time. Therefore eating correctly and regularly will be another cost to take into consideration, albeit less so than petrol.

A popular option now for Deliveroo Riders using a bicycle is the use of an electric bike. While the initial cost of an electric bike can be in the thousands compared to a normal bicycle, the benefit can be increasing your Deliveroo pay.

A Deliveroo cyclist using an electric bike can increase pay because you can spend more time on the road due to not feeling as fatigue from working all day. You also have to take less rest and food breaks – which will also save you money.

How much does a Deliveroo cyclist get paid?

Typically someone using a bicycle to deliver food will earn £7-14 per hour.

Nimble Fin

Can I Claim Bicycle Mileage Allowance?

Because you use a bike to earn with Deliveroo you can claim a mileage allowance of 20p per mile you cycle when making deliveries.

Now you know what Deliveroo cyclist pay is, can I recommend this post Deliveroo, Ubereats or Justeat: which pays the best in the UK incase you choose to work for another delivery platform.

If your just getting started you may also like to read our Deliveroo Scooter and Cyclist Rider Equipment Guide which explains the stuff you need to get on the road.

If you need help with registering as self employed or need to file a tax return we recommend you contact Ugo Tax.

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