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15 Expenses Uber Eats And Uber Drivers Can Claim 2023?

Read about what expenses an Ubereats driver can claim.

Knowing what expenses an Uber Eats and Uber driver can claim back against their taxable income is a question many gig economy workers have.

The Uber Eats and Uber pay you receive is liable for tax in the same way as Deliveroo and Justeat pay, and means you have to file a tax return to HMRC by an accountant.

Let’s face it though filing a tax return is the last thing you want to worry about while your on shift. Don’t worry though we have your back!

This post is going to help you to understand what expenses an Uber Eats driver can claim for and is designed for those who deliver food on bicycle, a motorcycle or a car to make deliveries.

Uber Eats App On Phone

If you drive for Uber the list below can also help you. simply view the expenses below under the column ‘Car’.

If you work as a delivery driver for Amazon Flex you may be interested to read another post i have written about what expenses a delivery driver can claim on their tax return.


Please see table below detailing expenses:

What expenses Ubereats drivers can claim.

The list below shows what allowable expenses Ubereats drivers can claim for:

WARNING: some expenses cannot be claimed for from this list due to personal circumstances. It is strongly suggested you speak to an accountant due to HMRC’s strict rules which apply to certain tax write offs mentioned below. Failure to correctly file a tax return may result in investigation by HMRC. Speak to UGO TAX.

Allowable ExpensesCyclistMotorcycle Car
Maintenance Fees (Brake pads, tyres etc)Yesyesyes
Parking Chargesyesyesyes
Service Charges from Deliveroo,Ubereats or Justeatyesyesyes
Helmet Camerayesyesno
Dash camno noyes
Motorcycle gloves, jackets and trousersnoyesno
Mobile phone, holder and data allowanceyesyesyes
Accountant feesyesyesyes
Bank Charges for bank accountyesyesyes
Deliveroo, Ubereats Justeat kityesyesyes
Thermal bagsyesyesyes
Mileage Allowance (see details below about Mileage Allowance)yesyesyes
Food Allowance at £5 per dayyesyesyes
Deliveroo Ubereats and Justeat Commissions and service chargesyesyesyes
Allowable Expenses For Delivery Drivers

Below is a list of disallowable expenses:

Disallowable ExpensesCyclistMotorcycle Car
Parking Finesnonono
Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)n/anono
Self-assessment interest and penaltiesnonono
Disallowable Expenses For Delivery Drivers

We hope you found that list informative. To help further we have also answered some other question you may have about the fast and frantic world of fast food delivery.

If you work for another app you may also like to read our post on what expenses a Deliveroo rider can claim for.

Need Tax Advise?

Are you confused about paying tax on your Deliveroo pay? We can help you with registering as self employed and filling your tax return.

Ugo Tax

Are Ubereats drivers self employed?

Yes, Ubereats drivers are classed as self employed which means thats you have to do two things; 1) register as self employed though the .gov website and 2) at the end of each tax year (tax year is 5th April – 6th April) you have to file a tax return. If both of these seem a little bit of a challenge you can always contact an accountant who will be more than happy to help.

Do Ubereats drivers have to pay tax in the UK?

Yes, all income that is earned by working for Ubereats is taxable. The good news though is that any tax which is due can be reduced by submitting expenses which we have outlined above. What this means is that the things you pay for to do your Ubereats deliveries such vehicle costs or insurance can reduce any tax that might be due.

If you need help with registering as self employed or need to file a tax return we recommend you contact Ugo Tax.

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