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6 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under £200

Is your motorcycle helmet more than 4 years old? It could be time for a change. Protect your head with this excellent selection of helmets designed to be aerodynamic, low noise and have removable lining for cleaning.

Take a look at the 6 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under £200 from the likes of Caberg, Vemar and Shark.

Is your helmet starting to smell like the contents of a kitchen bin? Are flies stuck to your visor and the only way to remove them is with a blow torch?

If you answered yes to any of those questions it could be time for a change – especially if your helmet is older than four years old.

But where do you start? Lets face it all you want to do is get back out on the road as quickly as possible so you need information quick. This motorcycle helmet review will hopefully go someway to making your decision a breeze.

Motorcycle rider wearing a shark full face helmet on a track

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Helmet Under £200

I am pretty sure that any motorcycle rider looking to replace their helmet wants the best that helmet money can buy. And if i am honest there is some exceptional manufacturer’s such as Shoei, Bell or Arai to mention but a few, which produce some of the safest helmets on the market.

If you are looking to purchase a specific brand such as Bell you may like to read another post i wrote about the 5 Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets For City Rides or if your a fan of Arai Helmets check this post the 5 Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets For Touring, Design And Upright Riding (2022). However, these can be quite costly for some people which is why I have produced this list of the 6 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under £200 should you be on a budget.


What is the best motorcycle helmet type?

Before you decide which motorcycle helmet you want to purchase from my list, it is worth thinking about what type of style/type of helmet you are after. 

There are three main types of helmets to choose from and include Open face, Full Face and Flip-Up Front helmet. The type of helmet you choose is completely personal to your wants and needs, but to help with that decision I have gone into some advantages and disadvantages below

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Open Face Helmet

What are the advantages of Open Face Helmet?

An open face helmet is just that, an open face. This style is great for the summer time, allowing for increased air flow which may be particularly important during rides in the summer time when temperatures are higher. 

You may also be a rider that enjoys wearing googles or sunglasses which is one of the benefits to an open face helmet. Also the increased air flow will reduce the amount of fogging you can get when you are wearing a full face or flip-up front motorcycle helmet.

One of the major benefits to using an open face motorcycle helmet is the field of vision you have. Having an unobscured field of vision which you have with a full face or flip up front helmet is what makes the open face helmet one of the most popular options if safety is your number one priority.

Something you may not have considered is if you’re wearing a full face helmet what happens if you get an itch or want to scratch your face? The benefit to wearing an open face helmet means you can do just that, scratch that itch. Ask yourself, do you really want to have to stop at the side of the road where you are putting your life in danger from being rear ended just because you had an itch?

If you have a passenger when you ride having an open face helmet is going to allow you to communicate better than if you was wearing a full face helmet. This may be particularly important if you a courier rider and don’t want to have to take your helmet off every-time you make a delivery and have to talk to people at a drop. You may also like to chat with other road users or fellow riders you are traveling with.

An open face helmet is also going to be lighter in weight than the other two options purely because you have less materials around your face. Having a lighter helmet is going to reduce potential neck aches and fatigue if you spend a lot of time on the road.

It’s probably also worth mentioning that an open face helmet aesthetically looks way cooler than a full face helmet. It can also be paired with similar style sunglasses or goggles. 

If you have a limited budget an open face helmet is also going to be cheaper than its counter parts.  

Whats are the Disadvantages of Open Face Helmets?

While open face helmets are great in the summer, wearing such a helmet in the winter time will feel a little more uncomfortable. That’s because more of the face is exposed to cold whether. Even if you are wearing goggles your face is still going to be exposed to the elements, and rain sleet and snow hitting your face at 60 MPH is never a good thing.

How safe is an open face helmet?

One of the major draw backs to wearing an open face helmet is if you have an accident. If the worst was to happen and you was involved in a crash, studies have shown that the front of face, in particular the chin area, can take a lot of the impact. Where your face and chin are exposed in an open face helmet the damage caused from going down will be significant, and could be life changing.

Are open face helmet quieter?

Open face helmets are going to be considerably louder than a full face or flip up front helmet. This is because the wind will hit your face which isn’t the most aerodynamic, and because an open face doesn’t have a visor to deflect wind flow, unlike a full face helmet, the noise level is going to be louder.

I have already mentioned that one of the benefits of an open face helmet is the increased ventilation you get. However all that air hitting your face has it disadvantages, for example you face and eyes will be hit with anything from flys to dust. You also don’t have the protection from larger  stones or road debris which could cause damage and injury.

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Full Face Helmet

What are the advantages of Full Face Helmet?

Are Full Face Motorcycle Helmets safer?

Safety is always going to be a major consideration when you are choosing a helmet from my list of Best Motorcycle Helmets. I have all ready mentioned the disadvantages of an Open Face Helmet should you be involved in an accident. The benefit of wearing a full face helmet is the chin area is protected as well as the rest of your face should you have an accident.

Also, in comparison to an open face helmet, a full face helmet is going to offer more protection from road debris, dust and the whether which will make your ride more enjoyable. 

Are Full Face Motorcycle Helmets quieter?

Full face helmets are going to be quieter than an open face helmet thanks to the face and chin protection. Covering the whole of the face means you have reduced wind noise reducing the need for wearing ear plugs.

Some full face helmets have a drop down visor or you can add a tinted visor. This may be more beneficial than an open face helmet where you may need to carry a pair goggles around with you.

Whats are the Disadvantages of Full Face Helmets?

If you choose to wear a full face helmet in the summer time the reduced air flow in comparison to an open face helmet means your head can get very hot indeed. This might be a small inconvenience though compared to the added protection you get from a full face helmet. 

As we have already discussed with the open face helmets one of the disadvantages with a full face helmet is that you can’t scratch that itch. Now this my not be something that is really that important to you but it is worth mentioning here so you can make an informed decision.

We have already discussed how a courier might enjoy the benefits of an open face helmet. However, If you’re a motorcycle courier wearing a full face helmet you may be disadvantaged in the following ways: removing your helmet at petrol stations or when you need to talk to somebody.

A full face helmet can also feel a little bit more claustrophobic, will reduce the sound around you and can also create blind spots . These three things should be considered before choosing from our list of the best motorcycle helmets.

Flip-Front Helmet

What are the advantages of Flip-front Helmet?

A flip-up front helmet (also known as a modular helmet) is becoming an increasingly popular option for motorcycle riders, combining benefits of both an open face and full face helmet. One of the major benefits is for people who wear glasses. Being able to open up the front allows you to put on and remove very easily in comparison to a full face helmet which is very difficult.

Having a chin bar that can be lifted up benefits riders in the same way as using an open face helmet. As we have already highlighted previously an open face helmet allows for improved communication. The same can be said about a flip up front helmet since you can lift up the front of the helmet. This is possibly the reason why modular helmet are increasingly popular allowing you to eat or smoke on the go, fill up with petrol and talk with people, all done without having to remove the helmet.

Wearing a flip up front helmet provides much needed safety features over the open face helmet. The chin bar offers a higher level of protection should you happen to be involved in an accident in comparison to an open face helmet which offers no protection to your face and chin. 

A full face helmet can be very hot and may feel claustrophobic. The benefits of the flip-up front helmet means you can ride with the front up allowing for increased air flow, or have it closed should you want to reduce wind noise or if your riding in the colder times of the year. 

Whats are the Disadvantages of Flip front Helmets?

The flip up front design means that you have a hinged aspect, which can mean some additional weight over the full face equivalent. This additional weight may not be a major factor for you but may cause additional strain on the neck compared to a more slimmer lighter full face helmet.

Whilst you get a reduction in wind noise in both a full face and flip up front helmet, where the hinged part meets the rest of the helmet you may get some noise where the wind is being forced through the small gap.

If you have a limited budget and looking to save a bit of money then it is important to point out that flip up front helmets do on average cost a little bit more than its full face equivalent. This is due to the flip up front aspect requiring more mechanisms and design.

A design disadvantage of the flip up front helmet is that if you take a fall, the first point of contact might be your chin area. If this happens it could force the chin part of the helmet to be forced upwards exposing your face and generating more force through the neck area resulting is injury.

This list of the best motorcycle helmets covers a lot of the main areas riders look for in a helmet. If you like what you see and want to make a purchase simply click on the ‘image’ or ‘View At Amazon’ button and you will be directed to Amazon where you can buy the helmet straight away. 

To help you make a more informed decision we have compared various aspects of helmets such as functionality, usability and design.

We have reviewed features such as visor design, usability of vents and wearability to help you to choose your next motorcycle helmet.



Caberg Duke Motorcycle Helmet

Low cost and low weight helmet with great design
Caberg Duke Motorcycle Helmet
The great thing about this helmet is you finally get to own a Caberg thanks in part to its low price. The normal selection of colours is available and sizing ranging from XS – XL.

The vents on top have been well thought through and can be opened and closed very easily, even if you are wearing thick gloves. The front vents also creates excellent circulation of air which is perfect for reducing misting and especially helpful in the summer.

You won’t have any problems with misting of the visor and will find it a breeze to open when you stop at the lights.

unfortunately the design of this lid does look a little plasticky, however this is to be expected given the price.
+ Weight 1547g
+ Low Price
– Plastic looking design
– Small amount of rain can get into top of the visor


Vemar Sharki Motorcycle Helmet

Great visibility and ventilation
Vemar Sharki Motorcycle Helmet
Great consideration has been given to the design of this helmet. The outer shell can accommodate an intercom system, with additional recesses for wires which is a great feature for those that like to communicate while on the road.

The price of this helmet puts it closer to the £200 budget you may have set yourself. This is not a bad thing as you get great design on the outside of the helmet if that is your thing.

Ventilation ports have been designed well and will provide a constant flow of air throughout the helmet, a real positive as some vents can be more of a token gesture and not really serve any purpose.

The visor mechanism is smooth and has a five-position ratchet movement so there is no danger of you having to wrestle to open the visor in the optimum position.

A real must with any helmet is being about the remove the inner lining to clean. This can be done very easily however replacing it requires a bit of patience.
+ Smooth Visor Mechanism
+ Intercom capable
– Inner lining difficult to put back in once removed


Dexter Nucleon Motorcycle Helmet

Carbon Fibre Design, With Great Style
Dexter Nucleon Motorcycle Helmet
Safety Rating
Not Available
If your looking for a light weight helmet this is it. The carbon fibre design means you are paying a premium, but the quality and the finish is exceptional.

The ventilation is on par with a number of the other helmets in this list and doesn’t go beyond what you would normally get with most helmets.

The drop down sun visor is operated by a lever on the left of the helmet, and moves freely. The downside is you may find it does not go all the way down to your nose, which can leave a gap at the bottom which is a little distracting.

A ratchet-type strap is very accessible and easy to use thanks to the fabric tag. This especially makes it easy to use with you have gloves on.
+ Carbon Fibre Design
+ Light weight 1358g
– Sun visor may distract when down


Shark D-Skwal Motorcycle Helmet

A Comfortable helmet with great ventilation
Shark D-Skwal Motorcycle Helmet
Safety Rating
SHARP: 4/5
The Shark D-Skwal is a welcome addition to this list of helmets, and boy does it impress. The detailing is finished well with a graphic upgrade available. With this type of quality finish you would expect a hefty price tag, but that is not the case and it is still an affordable helmet for those on a budget.
With a low price and low weight of 1551g this helmet will certainly not put a strain on you wallet nor your body from being all day on the road.

If good air flow is important to you, the ventilation on this helmet may be whats sways your decision on choice. There is fully closable vents on the top and chin, and an alway open exhaust on the rear. In particular the top vent is very effective in keeping your head cool.

A visor which simply clips in and out makes cleaning it and absolute breeze, so there is no need to worry about having to find a screw driver. The smooth ratchet allows free staggered movement of the visor which doesn’t feel clunky.
+ Helmet Design and Finish
+ Effective top vent keeps you cool
+ Low noise during riding
– May pinch around ears until worn in


MT Atom Motorcycle Helmet

A Great Looking Helmet For Touring And Everyday Use
MT Atom Motorcycle Helmet
Safety Rating
Not Available
I could look at this helmet all day and not be bored. Yes you may have to pay a little more for the graphics in comparison to cheaper plain colours, but I think you will agree it is definitely worth it, especially with the high gloss finish.

The smooth one hand opening of the flip mechanism is a great feature of this helmet and makes a real difference. It will also stay open even when riding at speed without using the locking mechanism.

As you would expect this helmet has all the usual vents on top, around the chin and closable exhuast vents on the rear giving great air flow when you need it for cooling, and reducing fog build up on the visor.

The Visor is easy to remove for cleaning and snaps easily back into position where it operates in a four position ratchet. Similarly the sun visor which is fantastic for when the sun is low is smooth to operate and has good visability.
+ Lining can be removed and cleaned
+ Great looking graphics and colour options
+ Vents keep misting to a minimum
– Noise when riding a high speed with flip front shut


Shark Ridill Motorcycle Helmet

A Helmet For Your Daily Commute
Shark Ridill Motorcycle Helmet
Safety Rating
SHARP: 4/5
If you wear glasses this helmet may be the one for you. Shark have designed the inner padding to accommodate people who wear glasses thanks to the patented Easy Fit System, a feature which demonstrates real consideration for what works for riders. Also as you would expect the padding can easily be removed and cleaned.

As with most of the helmets on this list the visor can easily be operated, pivoting smoothly on the ratchet system. The visor can also be removed for cleaning. The drop down sun shield is operated by a slider on top of the helmet and can be set at various different positions depending on your preference.

The helmet has ventilation points on the top which are adjustable and another on the chin. There is no rear exhaust ventilation vents which does restrict complete air flow around the helmet.
+ Inner padding supports people that wear glasses.
+ Inner padding can be removed for cleaning.
– No exhaust vent on the rear of the helmet.

I hope this list of 6 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under £200 has given you something to consider if your looking to buy another motorcycle helmet. While we have your attention you may also like to read another post about 5 Best Bell Motorcycle Helmets For City Rides or choose from the 9 Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Under £150 (2022).

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