Best Helmet Cameras For Motorcyclist 2021

Motorcycle Helmet cameras are becoming ever more popular on UK roads. Recording your ride allows you to capture and relive the best moments in glorious HD. Editing your footage is easy, allowing it to be quickly shared online.

More seriously, many motorcyclists are wearing cameras to protect themselves from bad drivers. Filming in public is completely legal and good quality video footage can be an important piece of evidence if you are involved in any kind of accident or confrontation on the roads.

We look for the best options out there that offer good quality at reasonable prices.

1. Best For Quality

GoPro Hero 561oApoaCESL._SL1500_

This is by the far the most expensive camera on the list. It produces absolutely stunning high resolution images and can film up to 4K HD. If filming at 1080p it works at 120fps which ensures silky smooth playback.

GoPro gear is highly regarded and comes with a mountain of in built features and settings.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to tweak everything and is happy to invest the time in learning all its capabilities then this camera will deliver truly stunning and highly detailed video.

For those of us who prefer to just click record and ride the GoPro Hero5 has a some simple voice control settings which allows for hands free control at low speeds.

It is completely waterproof and very durable, and will shrug off any weather that the UK can throw at it.

It also comes packaged with various mounts which will allow you to fit on a helmet or handlebars straight out of the box.

This GoPro model has a built in touch display screen,  admittedly this is not much use when actually riding, but it makes set up and configuration very easy and allows you to playback video on the roadside.

2. Best GoPro Alternative


71+4WZzl35L._SL1001_This is one of the better low cost GoPro style competitors. It seems like they have taken a lot of, shall we say “inspiration” from the look and function of the GoPro and it evens uses the same mounting system and accessories!

It shoots a very decent 60FPS at 1080 HD, this is plenty for keeping up with your ride and will produce good clear images for playback.

This camera also offers 4K Ultra HD recording although many users report that the 4k mode is disappointing and doesn’t stand up to scrutiny at close range.

The camera comes with two rechargeable batteries which is handy and a USB charger. Battery life is average, you’ll get about 90 minutes out of each one.

Its is fully waterproof down to 100 feet, so no worries about handling the weather.

The Akaso comes with a large array of accessories and mounts, importantly it includes a helmet mount for us motorcyclists.

One interesting feature is the wireless wrist remote which allows full control of the camera without fiddling with your helmet. Not much use on the move with thick gloves on but makes life easier when at the side of the road.

3. Low Price Option

Victure Sports71aYhVSyKkL._SL1500_

Another fairly blatant GoPro rip off. It looks kind of the same but in terms of quality and functionality it leaves a lot to be desired (unsurprising at this price!)

Shoots 30 FPS at 1080 HD so the video can get grainy at higher speeds and there will be some lack of clarity in the detail. This comes with two rechargeable batteries although it doesn’t come with a charger. You can use a standard USB cable to charge it up.

It works well in the wet and is fully waterproof.

As seems to be common with these more affordable cameras it comes with a huge array of fixings, mounts and straps. You should be able to attach it to just about anything without a problem.



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