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5 Best Budget Modular Motorcycle Helmets Under £80

Stay Safe On The Road With These Well Designed And Affordable Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmets.

Updated January 20th 2022

Looking for a new lid on a budget? We have your back with these 5 Best Budget Modular Motorcycle Helmets Under £80.

Get a helmet on and ride the streets. We have everything you need to know when choosing a new lid, whether your a courier, leisure rider or a casual commuter.

We can agree on something from the off, safety comes first when you ride two wheels, especially if the rain is horizontal or the cold chills you to your core.

Helmet design has made unbelieveable strides in the last 10 years, and thank goodness. After all you may be donning your helmet for a large proportion of the day so you want to look good.

We have therefore brought together and reviewed a selection of our favourite flip up front helmets which have great design, affordability and safety at its heart. choose wisely.

How To Choose An Affordable Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmet

Before you go ahead and buy a new helmet it is worth putting some thought into your riding position when on your scooter or motorcycle, the length of time you will be wearing the helmet, and what weather conditions you are typically riding in. These are all very important factors and it may be advisable to consider spending more money if you intend on being on the road for a long period of the day.

If you are a courier or somebody who works for Deliveroo or Ubereats you will undoubtably be on the road for long periods of the day, in various weather conditions and may have to remove your helmet when in restaurants. Again it is important to consider these points when choosing a new helmet.

Technology plays an important part in our everyday lives so you may want to consider if your helmet needs bluetooth capability or optional extras such as sun shades. Technology can also help if you are involved in an accident. You may like to read our post on our Top 3 Helmet Cameras and the role this great bit of kit can play in protecting your side of events if the worst was to happen.

An important consideration is what type of motorcycle helmet you want to purchase. You have three choices:

  1. Full Face Helmet
  2. Flip Up Front Helmet
  3. Open Face Helmet

A full face helmet does exactly as the name suggests, it covers your whole face. This is good from a safety perspective however it can make you feel a little claustrophobic, and may prove a little annoying if you wear glasses.

A flip up front helmet offers the protection of a full face helmet, but is easier to put on and remove. This may be a good thing if you are a courier or work for deliveroo. For more details on why deliveroo riders prefer flip up front helmets this article may help.

An open face helmet is great in the summer time, but when the cold months come you could find the weather to much to bare. It is also advisable to wear a pair of visors with a open face helmet to protect your eyes from stones flicking up. Carry an extra piece of kit might be a little frustrating.

It is also worth mentioning that HiVis Motorcycle helmets are becoming increasingly popular, and is a great way of standing out on the road. This may be a consideration when choosing your preferred coloured.

How To choose The Right Size Motorcycle Helmet

  • Use a soft tape measure to measure the widest part of your head, approximately 1 inch above your eyebrows.
  • If you are between sizes, select the larger size.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that helmet linings do compress so may feel a little tight to begin with and is quite normal.

Best Budget Modular Motorcycle Helmets Under £80


Leopard LEO-838 Safari

Best Budget Flip Up Front Helmet Ideal For Work And The commute
Leopard Flip Up Front Black Helmet

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Helmet Type:
Flip Up Front
The Leopard LEO-838 Safari helmet is perfect if your on a budget, but you want the specification of a higher priced helmet.

The ventilation holes prevents misting on cold days, and gives great air circulation on those hot summer days when things can get a little sweaty.

A feature we like is that if sweat build up starts to make your helmet smell like the bottom of a bin you can remove the inner padding and clean.
+ Inner Lining can be removed and cleaned.
+ Vents will prevent that dreaded misting. 
+ The Lift up front allows you to communicate without having to remove your helmet.
+ Inner visor is not spring loaded so you have to push it back manually


NXT Moto FF860 Motorbike Helmet

Affordable Helmet With Super Slick Design And Inner Visor
Flip Up Front Black Helmet

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Helmet Type:
Flip Up Front
This helmet is great if price is a priority over safety, offering no frills design with good specification.

Activating the inner sun visor can be done via a switch on the left hand side of the helmet. This is a nice feature which other helmets in this list don’t have.

Very similar to the other helmets this also has removable inner padding. The added benefit of the inner padding design is that if you wear glasses you won’t have any problems putting them on and off.
+ Scratch proof visor.
+ Inner visor activated by button on outside of helmet.
– Spray quality means it could chip easily.


Westt Torque Flip-up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Best Affordable Helmet with Stylish Design And Comfort At Its Heart
Black Flip Up Front Helmet

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Helmet Type:
Flip Up Front
West helmets is one of the most recognisable motorcycle helmet brands available. This low cost helmet doesn’t scrimp on design, with great decals and plenty of vents to keep you cool in the summer.

Popular among both scooter and motorcycle riders this helmet boasts a light weight design of 1.5kg. Similar to the other helmets in this list it has removable inner padding, quick release strap and drop down visor for when the sun is low in the sky.
+ Quick release strap
+ Sun visor
+ Five Ventilation Points
– Very light


Black Optimus Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet

A Great Budget Helmet Ideal For The Commute
Black Flip Up Front Helmet

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Helmet Type:
Flip Up Front
All the usual safety features are present and correct in this helmet. Its a classical looking helmet with style features which are a little understated in comparison to other helmets in this list.

The single button flip up operation is a feature not present in some of the helmets which means the chin bar can be raised and lowered with just one hand. 
+ Single Button Flip Up Front
+ Inner Sun Visor
– We struggled to find any

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tight Should A Motorcycle Helmet be?

The helmet should fit snugly around the area where you would normally wear a baseball cap or beany hat. It should feel compressed against your head but not tight, pinch or feel squeezed.

How Often Should You Replace Motorcycle Helmets?

A large number of the manufacturers advise that you replace your helmet at least every 5 years. However, you may find that you have to do this earlier if you use it regularly.

How Do I Keep My Helmet From Sweating?

This is always going to be a challenge, but you can help by choosing a motorcycle helmet that has plenty of ventilation holes.

How Do You Clean A Motorcycle Helmet Inner Padding?

Use only mild soaps when cleaning the inner padding, such as baby shampoo or laundry detergent. Make sure that you rinse the padding after otherwise any residual detergent could cause itching.

How Do I know If A Motorcycle Helmet fits?

A good indicator for knowing if a helmet fits correctly is by the amount it moves when on your head. A correctly fitted helmet will only move slightly when you hold the helmet still and move your head inside. If the helmet is to large it will move around when you shake your head. To over come these issues you can add or remove inner padding.

If I Drop My Helmet Should I Replace it?

Yes. Accidents happen and if you are unlucky to drop or knock your helmet you may want to consider replacing it straight away. This is because their may be internal damage which isn’t visible on the outside.

I hope you enjoyed my post on the 5 Best Budget Modular Motorcycle Helmets Under £80, you may be interested in reading about the 5 Best Arai Motorcycle helmets for touring, design and upright riding if you are looking to spend a little more on a helmet.

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