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Motorcycle Helmets Designed Like Shaved Heads

If your currently shopping around for a brand new skull bucket you may want to put a hold on that purchase until you have read this article.

Just when you think you have seen it all, someone out there in the ether comes up with something that really will make your head turn!

And heads quite literally will be turning in every sense of the word.

A designer has created super realistic human head motorcycle helmets and boy will they freak you out. 

The concept helmets have been digitally designed by Dubai-based artist Jyo John Mullor, and while they are not currently available to buy, the designer hopes they will one day make it from the design studio to the road. 

Jyo John Mullor explains that he has been a motorcycle enthusiast all his life and loved everything about riding except the helmets so set about designing something which has the look and feel of a second skin.

Whatever his motivation for the design, it’s certainly going to turn heads when you pull up to the traffic lights sporting such a realistic looking head helmet.

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