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5 Best Budget Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets For Playing Music, GPS And Calls.

A comprehensive look at the best motorcycle helmets which are bluetooth ready.

Post Updated: 27th December 2021

5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

For years it felt like the world of motorcycle helmet design was being left behind with integrating tech into our everyday protective equipment.

Fast forward a few years and Bluetooth communication is commonplace among a majority of the leading helmet manufacturers.

Bluetooth intercoms are used for everything from listening to music, streaming GPS instructions and phone conversations.

Having Bluetooth is arguably one of the essential pieces of kit any two wheel rider will have on their person in the 21st century.

Things to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet that is Bluetooth ready.

Preinstalled Bluetooth

Buying a helmet which has Bluetooth equipment already installed by the manufacturer is going to be the best option for a lot people. This is because you don’t need to fit anything yourself and means your ready to go straight away. This is extremely time saving. The down side though is that you have limited choice as to what is being installed and may struggle to fit another unit in at a later point if you find it doesn’t meet your requirements.

Bluetooth Compatible Helmets

Buying a helmet which enables you to fit your own Bluetooth unit is great if you prefer a specific type of brand and don’t mind installing a Bluetooth unit yourself. If this is something you are considering be aware that some Bluetooth headsets may require screws and wiring being placed into the helmets itself. Don’t take this option if your not technically minded. If in doubt go for the easier option of a preinstalled unit.

Helmet Type

The type of helmet you buy needs to be taken into consideration in regards to using a bluetooth devise.

A full face helmet reduces the amount of air flow into the front so there is less noise interference when travelling at speed. This means your able to hear through the speakers better.

An open face helmet however is exposed considerably more and will play a factor in how easily you will be able to hear through the speakers or talk on the mic. If you mostly ride in the city this might be less of an issue due to the low speeds you are going. However, at higher speeds for example travelling through the countryside the increased air flow noise is likely to be a detrimental factor.

Best Bluetooth Ready Motorcycle Helmets

It’s probably worth pointing out that the helmets mentioned below in this review have Bluetooth units already installed by the manufacturer.


Torc Mako T14 Blinc Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet with great style, design and technology ingrained within its DNA.
Featuring an integrated Bluetooth devise the TORC MAKO T14 will give you 24 hours talk time which is great if you love to catch up with people while on the road – or your just a real talker!!

Features include one touch call reject – perfect if you want some alone time and upto 600 hour battery life in standby mode.

This helmet also includes:
Fully Adjustable Flow-Through Ventilation
Build-in Drop Down Sun Visor
Integrated Aerodynamic Spoiler


ILM 953 Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Born in 2015, ILM which is short for ‘I Love Motor’ have certainly poured a great deal of care into this helmet.

Understanding that your protection and comfort is a priority this helmet is designed with a lightweight ABS thermoplastic polymer so if you spend a lot of time on the road you won’t suffer from neck ache. The inner padding is also removable, so if your a clean freak and like to clean you helmet after every ride this is a welcome feature.

The integrated Bluetooth enables one touch control for answering or rejecting calls, and will override any music you may have playing so you know when a call is coming in.

Other Bluetooth features include 8 Hours of Talk Time and 110 Hours of Standby, as well as noise dampening features.

Ventilation is important in any helmet as it keeps you cool and stops any moisture build up. This helmet has ventilation ports around the chin and on top but if you want a little more breeze around your chops, you will like that you can remove the front aspect turning it into an open face helmet.


Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Jumping straight to the bluetooth technical stuff you don’t need to worry about running out of battery thanks to the 8 hours of talk time.

Equally as impressive is the 400m intercom rider-to-rider communication range, hands-free controls, and even offers smartphone music sharing across multiple units. Best of all, the standby battery will last you for seven full days.

The Bilt Techno 2.0 helmet has a polycarbonate shell and is available in black, matte black and white with great a great finish and styling.

As you would expect this helmet has the usually front and rear vents but the quality of the vent sliders lets it down a little.


Freedconn Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmet With Bluetooth

If you prefer to shy away from the main brands then the Freedconn Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth maybe the helmet for you.

The modular helmet design allows you to flip up the front of the helmet if required which is great if love a stiff breeze while you ride. Furthermore this DOT certified helmet has adjustable vents on top, around the chin and exhaust ports on the rear. This allows for great circulation of air which will prevent fogging up of the visor.

The Bluetooth capability allows a distance of up to 500 meters with other paired devises and allows you to play music through your phone, and allows those all important GPS prompts to come through even though you maybe listening to music at the same time.

On the outside a neatly positioned dial allows volume and playback control made all the more easier by the jog wheel which allows for incremental adjustments even if your wearing gloves.

You will also be pleased to know that the inner padding can be removed if you require adjustments, or cleaning which is a real must for people who may spend a great deal of time on the road such as couriers, or delivery riders (e.g. Deliveroo and Ubereats riders working in cities).


Origine Palio 2.0 Motorcycle Helmet With Bluetooth

The Origine Palio 2.0 is a great offering for people who enjoy wearing a helmet which doesn’t cover their entire face.

Unlike many of the other helmets in this review it offers a real difference of design and allows you to really stand out from the crowd with its Italian Design.
Another helmet with Bluetooth integrated from the factory so you can start listening to music or take directions from your GPS straight away.

One of the downsides to this type of helmet though is the openness of the front which can mean there is a lot of wind noise. This noise of course will increase at high speeds which may reduce the ability to hear through the speaker.
If however your more of a urban commuter where your not reaching high speeds, the noise issue is going to be less of a problem.

Other features and details:
Hypoallergenic (this means it won’t cause a reaction) padding which can be removed and cleaned when required.
Weight: 1.25kgs
Colours: white, Matt black and Matt titanium
Ventilation port on front top of helmet with exhaust style port at the rear allowing for great ventilation over the top of the helmet.
Integrated drop down sun visor. Perfect for when the sun is low in the sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Designed by some super boffins at Ericsson in 1994 as a means of replacing wires to allow communication between devises over a short distance. And by joe are we glad they did as it has revolutionised the way we function in the 21st century.

Why is Bluetooth Technology in Motorcycle helmets?

We now live in such a connected society having access to our phones is imperative. Bluetooth connectivity in our helmets allow us to play music, take calls or receive GPS information. This reduces the need to stop to answer a call putting oneself in danger.

What is a ‘Bluetooth Ready’ motorcycle helmet?

In simple terms it means that the helmet has Bluetooth technology integrated into the motorcycle helmet by the manufacturer and means your good to go straight from the box.

Can Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets play music?

Yes. This function is great for people that love to listen to music on the road. It’s also worth pointing out that a lot of Bluetooth helmets with allow for GPS prompts to override the music momentarily so you don’t miss your turn. This is particular great if your a bike courier or somebody that works for Deliveroo or Ubereats and spends a great deal of time on the road during the day.

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