Leopard Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmet
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The Best Leopard Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmet Review

The affordable Leopard Motorcycle Helmet. Protect your head with this stunning skull bucket.

POST UPDATE: It is now possible to order the Leopard helmet in pink

The Best Leopard Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmet Review

Lets face it once you have paid out for your new set up of wheels and raised a small fortune for insurance your budget my be a little tight for shelling out on an expensive skull bucket.

Help is available though with a plethora of manufactures now offering a number of helmets for very affordable prices.

One such company makes the leopard range and whilst they don’t claim to be up there with the likes of Shoei or Bell Helmets what they do do is provide a comfortable lid.


The affordability of this helmet is what makes it so popular among riders, and has been designed and engineered in a way that understands what motorcyclists want.

If you are courier or somebody that works for deliveroo making regular deliveries, you understand the time consuming process of having to constantly remove your helmet. The benefit of this helmet is that the front flips up allowing you to carry out those everyday tasks such as snacking on the go, taking a breather at the traffic lights or answering your phone.

On the drafty topic of ventilation the Leopard Flip Up Front Hemet has fully adjustable air intake vents on the front, on the crown and exhaust ports on the rear. This setup will maximise air flow around the helmet reducing heat build up and misting. Should you need to clean the inner padding its fully removable.


Leopard Flip Up Front Motorcycle Helmet

£59.99 | Amazon

If you ride in the winter time when the sun is low in the sky it can be a real challenge to see properly due to the glare off the road. The good news is that the drop down sun visor overcomes this issue allowing an unbroken field of vision.


To summarise this helmet is not trying to be anything it other than an affordable helmet. Whilst certain aspects of the helmet may feel a little clunky such as the visor and vents, its super cheap and with the ECE 22-05 rating its going to offer a good level of protection.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Is Leopard a good helmet?

Yes the Leopard is a good helmet, especially for the money you pay. It flip up front mechanism is easy to maneuver, and the sun visor works well at keeping the glare out of your eyes.

Where are leopard helmets made?

The helmets are made in china and are available to purchase throughout the world.

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