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The AGV Pista GP RR full-face helmet

The ultimate race helmet from AGV, an exact replica that is worn by professional riders is now available to everyone.

Form an orderly queue it’s now possible to get your mitts on AGV’s 100% carbon fibre pro racing motorcycle helmet.

Regardless of age we aspire and mimic the pro’s whether thats in Formula One or Moto GP. We love to copy professionals style, the way they ride and the gear they use.

Motorcyclist can now take a small step closer to experiencing what type of race gear is available to the pro’s by purchasing AGV Pista GP RR full-face helmet.

While the price tag of over £1200/$1500 (depending on spec) may put of a lot people looking to buy a new motorcycle helmet, those willing to splash the cash are getting a fully equipped, high spec race ready full face helmet.

This piece of engineering brilliance boast an impressive fully carbon fibre design making it super light weight meaning less weight strain on your neck.

There are 2 rear extractors and 5 front vents which will allow air to move freely through the helmet, allowing your head to remain cool and reduces the build up of sweat leading to the dreaded misting. The inner padding is fully removable so if the smell of sweat becomes to much you can wash them and return once dry.

If your safety conscious and want a motorcycle helmet which is going to protect your looks this helmet won’t disappoint as it has received FIM homologation, which certifies the highest possible level of protection, even against any dangerous twisting.

In summary if you have the budget to spend on this helmet you are purchasing a real quality piece of safety equipment, that will provide superb comfort and style.

If on the other hand you don’t have the budget you may want to check out our post on the best budget motorcycle helmets.

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