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Moped gang members that ram-raided shops and threatened to hurt a woman's child and have been jailed for a total of 67 years.

The prolific moped gang members who terrorised London Streets receive sentences of up to 13 years following crime wave in the capital.

High Speed Police Chase Of Moped Robbers Through London

Crimes which included stealing mobile phones, threatening mothers and their children and ram raiding shops were all being carried out on stolen mopeds and motorcycles.

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Moped stop traffic and attempt to steal cameras estimated to be worth £180,000
Moped gang stop traffic on Putney Bridge and attempt to steal cameras estimated to be worth £180,000.

Others crimes included the attempted theft of video cameras estimated to be worth £180,00 from Putney Bridge during the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race[Link to story].

Police say that catching the gang members has helped to reduce moped enabled crime in London by 52%.

Other factors which have helped to reduce the amount of crime committed on mopeds is the police tactics which involve ramming thieves off stolen vehicles. The ‘tactical collisions’ carried out by specially trained officers is part of the polices tougher approach to dealing with gangs that steal mopeds.

The gang members were aged 19 to 36. The longest sentence of 13 years and two months went to 32-year-old Terry Marsh.

Omar Tafat (left) got eight years and five month and Terry Marsh (right) was jailed for 13 years and two months

The other sentences were:

  • Omar Tafat, 22: Eight years and five months
  • Josh Strong-Myers, 20: Eight years
  • Kian Taylor, 20: Nine years and four months
  • Steven Weller, 36: Six years and seven months
  • Ryan Moran, 26: 24 months suspended sentence
  • John McFadyen, 24: Two years and eight months
  • Isaac McFadyen, 19: Two years and eight months
  • Mitchall Leaver, 25: 12 months suspended sentence
  • Aaron Pask, 27: Six years and eight months
  • Scott Leaver, 25: Four years and eight months

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