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4 Smart Motorcycle Helmet And How Do They Work?

Its time to ride in style with some of the most furturistic smart helmets, with bluetooth connectivity and head up display.

Post Updated: 22nd Dec 2021

4 Incredible Smart Motorcycle Helmets For Bikers.

It’s time to ride in style with a super smart skull bucket from Jarvis, Quin and Shoei.

Whether you enjoy a weekend blast on your motorcycle or endure a daily commute through the busy streets on the latest Maxi Scooter, tech is likely to play an important role in your daily journey.

Like many past times or sporting endeavours having adequate clothing or tech is essential, and two wheeled enthusiasts are no different. Having the latest motorcycle gear which serves to keep us warm in the winter, or cool in the summer makes riding more pleasurable.


It seems unthinkable that 10 years ago purchasing a motorcycle helmet with bluetooth connectivity was unheard of, but now more than ever manufacturers understand the importance of staying connected on the road.

Staying connected is important but safety trumps all other technological advancement. Which is why manufacturers of helmets are turning to increasingly advanced technology to help keep us safe.

This post looks at some of the latest smart helmets that keep us safe on the road.

What are smart motorcycle helmets?

A smart helmet is a piece of protective head gear which includes tech as a way of making the rider experience safer and more use-friendly. This might include speakers and microphones allowing calls to be made by connecting with a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Also, as is the case in the helmets in this post it may include a head up display.

Quin’s Smart Motorcycle Helmets

Detects Crashes And Calls Emergency Help

Quin Spitfire Nero

Quin takes inspiration from historical stuff thats cool. The Quin Spitfire Helmets design is born from the jet equivalent, sporting an aggressive look and design, and is equipped with the Intelliquin smart technology.

The Intelliquin technology which is integrated seamlessly into it helmets offer integrated Crash Detection and SOS Beacon. This clever piece of kit can detect a crash and will alert emergency services who will arrive to assist.

The subtle bluetooth control panel is discreet and functional meaning you won’t compromise on aerodynamics or safety with the easy to use one touch controls.

Comfort and keeping cool is a must for riders that may be on the road for long periods of time. Every Quin helmet is lined with soft and durable quilted lining, while the aerodynamic vents on the front and top of the head will allow air to move freely. No exhaust port though.

SHOEI IT-HT Smart Helmet

Heads up display for easy navigation

SHOEI IT-HT Smart Helmet

A dedicated manufacturer of motorcycle helmets since 1958, Shoei has an established reputation for producing high quality lids with brand visibility all over the world.

Keeping riders safe with ever advancing technology is what has been at the forefront of Shoei’s expertise, and the launch of their new SHOEI IT-HT Smart Helmet with the integration of a centralized heads-up display is next level safety.

The partnership between Shoei and electronics manufacturer NS West has delivered a centralised heads up display which can give visual information while navigating the roads. This ensures the rider can focus on the things that are important by ensuring minimal eye movement.


Jarvish X-AR Smart Motorcycle Helmet

360° Front And Rear Camera

Jarvish X-AR Smart Motorcycle Helmet

Jarvish is a Taiwanese based firm whose bold claims about launching the smartest Motorcycle Helmet ever peaked people interest.

The carbon fibre versions (of which there are two) looks stunning and offer outstanding protection, thanks to the CNS, DOT, and ECE 22.05 standards.

The tech though is what makes this helmet special. The 2K front camera records every part of your journey, while the speaker/microphone is Amazon Alexa enabled ensuring our favourite online store or music is but a command away.

The HUD (head up display) can give you real-time updates on speed traveled, speed limit for the area, time, weather, and GPS instructions.

On to the standard stuff there are vents positioned on the head and chin to support air flow.

Check out the Jarvish promo below:

Crosshelmet X1

Futuristic Design With Noise Cancellation

Possibly one of the most futuristic looking smart helmets on the market which also has one of the biggest price tags. That’s not surprising though as it is jam packed with tech.

Similar to the Jarvis and Shoei helmets the Crosshelmet X1 has a dual-monitor HUD (head up display) system which displays riding information such as route directions, weather, and time.

The wide angle camera positioned on the rear of the helmet is also displayed on the HUD, giving you a 360° view improving spatial awareness and reducing the possibility of accidents.

As you would expect its possible to make and receive calls, play music and activate Siri or OK Google. The genius thing though is that accessing these functions can be done via a small and discrete touch panel.

What is the best smart helmet?

The best smart helmet from this review has to be from quin. This is because it is one of few smart helmets which is in production and available for purchase today.

However, in comparison the Jarvis lid while still in the funding phase has a lot more tech included for an affordable price.

If your someone that’s tends to buy a helmet from a trusted brand the SHOEI IT-HT Smart Helmet is a likely contender. It’s also the more likely out of the smart helmets which is going to be available for purchase soon with a head up display.

What is head up display?

We are probably all familiar with head up display in cars, showing important information such as speed or revs on a transparent screen.

Increasingly though they are being introduced into motorcycles helmets and present data without the riders eyes diverting away from the usual viewpoint, for example looking down at the dials. This ensures you remain focused on the road ahead reducing the potential of an accident.

We hope you found this smart motorcycle helmet post an interesting read. You may like to read our recent review of The 5 Best Arai Motorcycle Helmets.

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